Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees and Financials

The strategic direction and financial stewardship is governed by Army & Navy Academy’s Board of Trustees. The Board is highly committed and engaged in the plans and programs that make the academy one of the best private schools in California for boys in grades 7-12.


The board is comprised of community members, alumni, and patrons who value the school’s mission and its impact on the lives of boys.  Notable leaders on the board include: CEOs, CFOS, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, educators, and retired military officers.

Barry Shreiar - Board of Trustees Chairman

Dear Parents, Families, Alumni, and Friends of the Academy:

It is a privilege to introduce myself to you as Army and Navy Academy’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Initially, I arrived at the Academy in 2009 when my son, Nick ’14, enrolled as a boarding school student. My wife Janet and I were drawn to this private school because of its mission: to educate, mentor, and develop good character and leadership in young men.

We quickly learned that the community does so much more than offer structured academic opportunities for day and boarding cadets. My son’s grades improved dramatically as a result of the Academy’s commitment to proven, research-based teaching methods that focus on boys’ brains and the ways they learn best; we often use the phrase, “ANA… built for a boy’s DNA.”

Nick’s friendships with fellow students and leadership skills deepened, and we watched him mature from a boy into a young man. The Academy provided the foundation for our son to become a motivated and independent adult. The transformation was extraordinary.

Since Nick’s senior year, I’ve served as an Academy trustee because I strongly believe in the school’s mission and know firsthand the impact it has on the lives of students and their families.

Founded in 1910, Army and Navy Academy is truly an extraordinary opportunity for young men and I have the honor of serving on the board with engaged and committed alumni and parents who acknowledge the impact Army and Navy Academy has had on their lives.

As Chairman of the Board, my goal is simple: to build on the Academy’s rich history and tradition in order to ensure the school continues educating tomorrow’s leaders for generations to come.

Boys that attend the Army and Navy Academy become fine young men and are prepared for their future. I welcome suggestions on how we may continue to shape the Academy’s future and strengthen our reputation as a premier, college preparatory, military boarding school for young men.

Warrior Proud! Warrior Strong!

Barry Shreiar
(Nick Shreiar ’14)
Chairman, Army and Navy Academy Board of Trustees

Barry Shreiar

Barry Shreiar
Chairman of the Board

Jeff Tisor '85

Jeff Tisor ’85
Vice Chairman

John Burden '63

Jack Wyatt '63

Jack Wyatt ’63
Past Chairman – Trustee

Ed Roe '60

Ed Roe ’60

Radha Thompson

Jim Weber

Jim Weber

Jolene (Mitchell) Kelin

Jolene (Mitchell) Kelin
Faculty Chairperson

Lisa Meyer
ANAPA President

Jorge Artiles '96

Jorge Artiles ’96
Alumni Association President

Senator David Kelley '47

Russ Hanthorn

Russ Hanthorn
Emeritus Trustee

Army and Navy Academy’s Economic Impact on our Surrounding Communities

  • Number of Employees: 140
  • Number of Employees Living in Surrounding Communities: 90
  • Total Annual Payroll: $6,030,920
  • Total Annual Payroll for Employees Living in Surrounding Communities: $3,960,679
  • Percent of Payroll Supporting Surrounding Communities: 78%
  • Payroll for Contracted Employees: $439,775
  • Number of Vendors/Suppliers: 110
  • Goods and Services Purchased from Vendors/Suppliers: $922,125
  • Number of Cadets Residing on Campus: Typically, 90% are boarding and 10% day students
  • Annual Spending by Cadets and their Families while Visiting the Academy: $630,851
  • Annual Value of Community Service Work by Cadets/Staff: $53,000
  • Estimated Valuation of Campus (Not Including Land): $27,500,000

Army and Navy Academy’s Annual Economic Impact: $6,006,430

This model includes:

  • Employees who live, do business, or spend money in Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Vista
  • Discretionary spending off campus for entertainment, meals, clothing, goods, etc.

Read the Academy’s 990 Public Disclosure.