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John Burden ’63

Secretary of the Board

JOHN BURDEN is a graduate of the Army and Navy Academy Class of 1963. Mr. Burden attended San Diego City College where he majored in police science; transferred to San Diego State University, majoring in political science; and graduated from California State University Los Angeles, with a major in police science and administration in 1973. While attending college, he was also employed by the City of Coronado Police Department as a Police Officer. He joined the Riverside Sheriff’s Department in 1968 as a Deputy Sheriff, where he remained until his retirement in 1999. During his tenure working for the County Sheriff, he served in all operational functions of the Department, field and investigative operations, custody duties and administrative services where he was assigned to the Sheriff’s Academy as a training supervisor and manager. After retiring from the Sheriff’s Department, he worked as a GED Examiner with the Riverside County Superintendent of Education. Mr. Burden holds a lifetime Teaching Credential in the State of California. He currently resides with his family in San Jacinto, California.