Boarding allows for full-time character building and creates an opportunity for education and character growth outside of the confines of academic boundaries.

The Army and Navy Academy is a place for developing human excellence in young men so they not only do well in their endeavours, they live well in their lives.  The complete process of the Academy’s education is meant to build a boy into a man–a virtuous man. Watch the video to hear from an Army & Navy Academy alumnus and NYU graduate.

When boys explore questions of ethics, morality, and spirituality, they grow in greater understanding of their own worldview. Young men feel excited about the opportunity to create their own identity and begin to step into the belief that character and integrity will help them achieve their goals. By encouraging boldness and individuality, cadets can reach their full potential.

Our students are continually immersed in one of the Academy values Leadership, Honor, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, and GratitudeLessons about these values are integrated into classroom instruction, on the athletic fields, and after classes to keep cadets engaged in character education on an ongoing basis.

~ Zahour (11th Grade)

“Everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect. All the teachers and coaches at Army and Navy Academy help us learn from those mistakes and grow into the men that we will be.”

Our mission is to educate, mentor, and develop good character and leadership in young men. Integral to our mission is to help you develop into a thoughtful, honest, compassionate, and responsible individual. The Cadet Life Staff, Faculty, and Administration have broadened the scope of its character education program to become a holistic, integrated, and thematic effort on campus.

These opportunities to explore your character help you transform your mindset, changing values from abstract ideas into actionable concepts. In addition, as part of Leadership Education Training (LET) classes, students are involved in community service projects and annual campus events to honor others.

Why Army and Navy Academy?

Army and Navy Academy believes in boys, and we are fully committed to how they learn, grow and thrive.

Although the Academy is non-denominational, we attract students from all faiths and demonstrate respect for religious values and differences. Our Chapel on campus provides non-affiliated services, and we host value-based presentations from various perspectives. Presenters have included: a Holocaust Survivor, Cyber Expert, Film Producer, an Admiral, and 4 Star General.

As part of character development, we also believe in the power of etiquette and good manners. Training on formalities such as good table manners, how to address others respectfully, treatment of women, proper attire, and appreciation are all part of your character development.