The ANA Difference

ANA Difference - Military School Built for boys

Army and Navy Academy is a life changer for boys! Our unique military school uses scientifically proven and evidence-based approaches to single-gender learning. Transforming lives since 1910, Army and Navy Academy is exclusively geared for boys in grades 7-12. We focus on how boys learn, find motivation, and succeed. Boys set goals and reach higher! Explore and discover what makes us different from public schools, private schools, and other boarding schools in the U.S.  

The ANA Difference 

Find out what makes Army & Navy Academy different and stand out from other boarding schools, military schools, military academies, and private schools. While some boys are getting lost in large overcrowded classrooms at other schools, we offer small classes and a supportive environment where every boy can shine. Here are just some of the ways our school is unique. We encourage you to schedule a campus tour to begin the journey and discover even more.

1. Boy-Centered Approach – First and foremost, we understand boys, not only how they learn best, but how to engage and motivate them. For over a century, the Academy has been invested in single gender education, and along the way, we have learned some critical lessons. Backed by scientific research, we train our faculty and staff to incorporate methods to get boys moving, doing hands-on projects, and to ignite a real love for learning. Our dedicated and caring faculty help boys develop intellectual confidence, mental fitness, a growth mindset and core competencies.

2. College and Career Preparation – We know this generation is more focused than ever on an education tied to real world practical applications. With this mind, we offer a UC standard based curriculum with a heavy STEAM focus, Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors classes, robust Visual and Performing Arts (VPA), over 20 clubs, and electives aligned with future college and career pathways. Check out our amazing electives that build career skills in areas such as: aviation, computer science, cyber security, game development, video production, and visual and performing arts. Adopt a growth mindset and acquire mental fitness!

3. Mentorship and Internships – In today’s world, perhaps more than ever, boys in middle school and high school need mentorship beyond their peers and parents. At the Academy, mentorship is offered through personal interactions with faculty and staff, as well as through high school internship programs. Our faculty and Trainers, Advisors, Counselors (TACS) guide and mentor boys to set goals, follow our core values, demonstrate respect and good etiquette, show strong leadership, and establish good life habits.  In addition, our high school internship program offers off-campus opportunities to gain real world skills and receive mentorship from top notch professionals. Ask us about our summer high school internships at Stanford University. 

4. Champion Athletes – Army and Navy Academy is known for a strong track record and a history of California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) championships. Junior Varsity and Varsity sports, along with team and club options, allow boys to get moving as they develop both physical and mental fitness. Coaches cultivate a sense of brotherhood, ethical standards, a growth mindset, and a strong commitment to teamwork. They are life changers for boys! Warrior Proud!

5. Stellar Leadership Program  – As an Honor Unit with Distinction, our military school for boys goes beyond the JROTC mission to create good citizens. We shape young men into tomorrow’s leaders. Not only our college matriculation, but our rich history of notable alumni is a testament to how our leadership training is transformative. Our graduates pursue careers in business, government, diplomacy, science, technology, engineering, hotel management, nonprofits, military service, law, medicine, and many other fields where they make their mark as leaders.

6. Life Skills and Character Development – The rigorous daily schedule helps boys develop a blueprint for life, one that balances mental, physical, social, and spiritual activities. They learn how to set goals, manage priorities, and learn time management skill sets. In addition, they follow our core values and put them into action in all aspects of their daily lives. Our core values: honor, integrity, respect, responsibility, compassion, and gratitude are integrated into all aspects of campus life. 

To stay current on educational topics, we are proud members of the following associations:

California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), Western Boarding School Association (WBSA), Association of Military Schools and Colleges of the United States (AMCSUS), and the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).


Why do boys go to military boarding schools?

More and more, students alongside their parents are choosing military boarding schools for the structure, self-discipline, and motivation. 

How is a military school different from other schools?

Here are just a few of the differences:

1. Highly Structured Daily Schedule 

2. Stellar Leadership Training Program 

3. Character Development 

4. Mandatory Study Time 

5. Career-Oriented Clubs and Electives  



Are military schools college preparatory?

Army and Navy Academy is a college prep school with a focus on rigorous academics, with options to take Advanced Placement and Honors classes.  Accredited by WASC, the Academy adheres to the highest standards for college prep by following University of California (UC) standards. 

Does this school help boys get into West Point?

Yes, it certainly does help to attend Army and Navy Academy if you are interested in applying to any of the service academies (USMA, USNA, USCGA, USAFA, USMMA). The Academy has a long line of graduates who have attended the highly selective military service academies. 

The ANA Difference
Do you help boys with ADD, ADHD, or Dyslexia?

The Academy offers a Learning Strategies program to help boys do well academically. It is geared for mild to moderate learning differences. Contact the Admission Office to learn more. 

Do you offer ESL or ESOL for International Students?

For international students, we are one of very few boarding schools on the west coast to offer an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program to enhance grammar, writing, and verbal communications. 





What makes your location so special?

 With the Pacific Ocean at our doorstep, we have direct access to the beach and ocean views from many of our facilities. Similar to a college setting and ideally located in the quaint village of Carlsbad (San Diego County), Army and Navy Academy offers unparalleled access to all that California has to offer.  





How do we schedule a campus tour?

Contact the Admission Office at 888.762.2338 to schedule a campus visit and to learn more about the application process.  






“The change in our son is exactly what we have been praying to see. This is one of the best decisions that we have made and I personally believe that boys are missing out on a great opportunity to become men and leaders if they have not visited this amazing campus on the Pacific Ocean.”

-- John R. , Parent

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Army and Navy Academy is firmly committed to our values of Honor, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, and Gratitude, and we fervently pledge to fulfill our mission of educating, mentoring, and developing good character and leadership in young men.


The Army and Navy Academy experience is shaped around:


Interactive. Hands-On. Dynamic. These words all describe the classroom at ANA. We are worlds apart from schools where boys get lost in the crowd and their motivation to succeed is diminished.

Based on extensive research, we understand how boys learn and what motivates them, so everything we do is boy-centric. This is a school where boys grow into young men, take ownership of their decisions, and map out their college plans and futures. Our academic support such as mandatory study time and after school office hours give our cadets the resources they need to ignite their passion for learning. 


An active lifestyle is an integral part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle at our boarding school for boys in middle and high school. Students participate in physical activity every day after classes end and select from a broad range of JV and Varsity sports, ranging from team sports to solo sports, to physical training. We get middle and high school students moving both inside and outside the classroom. They bond, build a brotherhood, work in teams, and have fun! 

Leadership & Character Development

At Army and Navy Academy, an education includes highly practical life skills in leadership and management. Unlike many private or public schools, where leaders are elected by popularity, our cadets go through a rigorous mental and physical selection process to become a leader.

Army and Navy Academy cadets are uniquely prepared for leadership roles through our JROTC program, a program designed to create good citizens. Cadets quickly learn that leadership responsibility is earned based on knowledge, skills, and abilities. 

Leaders are charged with a high level of responsibility as they mentor and guide others, uphold our values, honor code, and help reinforce policies and procedures. 

Integral to all aspects of boarding school life, including leadership training and academic lessons, character development is central in all that we do. 

Honor, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Compassion and Gratitude are the core values we follow.

Cadets also follow an honor code “Do not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do.”  There is an Honor Council to address issues in a fair-minded manner to inspire change. Character matters! 



Campus Life

Campus life at Army & Navy Academy involves the integration and continuation of learning and development. This extends into sports, clubs, activities, relaxation time, meals, study time, dorm meetings, trips, and all aspects of life.

We create synergy between Leadership Education Training (LET),  Associated Student Body (ASB) and Cadet Life, so the leadership skills learned in the classroom continue to be emphasized after the school day is over. Class leaders are instrumental in organizing various activities, trips, proms, service projects, weekend activities, and providing valuable input to affect change.