Beach Hero

Academy By the Sea

Army and Navy Academy is situated on a 16-acre campus with ocean views and direct beach access. Live by the Pacific Ocean and enjoy beach and aquatic sports, including: surfing, bodyboarding, swimming, and water polo. There’s no better way to relax after a rigorous day of classes than to take in the sunset and enjoy the water. The Academy is located in Southern California in San Diego County, an ideal location to enjoy sunshine and a variety of outdoor sports year-round.  In the summer months after the school year ends, we also offer dynamic summer camps with plenty of time to enjoy San Diego sunshine and our beachfront location. 


Do you love the ocean and beach? Want to learn how to surf or improve? Unlike any private school campus in Southern California, Army & Navy Academy is located on a 16 acre campus with direct access to the incredible Pacific Ocean.

Beyond our academic year, we also offer a fun summer camp with opportunities to enjoy our beachfront. 

Fully equipped with beach lounge and picnic areas, firepit, and volleyball, we create strong camaraderie during rest and relaxation time for our boarding school students. It doesn’t get any better than our beach! Even our local day students take advantage of our unique location.

For safety purposes, the beach has lifeguards on duty and the beach is monitored closely by the City of Carlsbad.

Students from all over the U.S. and the world come to Army and Navy Academy to surf and enjoy our boarding school geared exclusively for middle and high school boys. Come and enjoy an academic, athletic, and social lifestyle with ocean views and easy beach access!


Take a dip! The six-lane, 25-yard pool on the Army and Navy Academy campus is a highly trafficked recreation and athletic facility.

Lap swimming, drop-in water polo, and swim clinics are just some of the popular aquatic programs offered.

With weather in San Diego county being sunny and mild, the pool is a fun and popular spot. Some out-of-state and international students from much cooler climates and even learn to swim for the first time!

Pool area refurbishments in recent years include: resurfacing the decks, filter system upgrades, and the addition of on-site changerooms. Check out our athletics overview for our aquatic sports that include: surfing, swimming and waterpolo. 



Become a lifeguard! If you have advanced swimming skills and are looking for a challenge, we offer Red Cross Lifeguard and the United States Lifesaving Association Junior Lifeguard courses.

Both programs provide you with an opportunity to learn from professional lifeguards and gain new skills and knowledge.

Course topics include how to enjoy the beach safely, first aid and CPR, water rescue techniques, the importance of keeping physically fit, and other lessons related to lifeguarding.

If you fully commit to completing the Red Cross course while enrolled at Army & Navy Academy, you will earn Red Cross Lifeguard Certification (valid for two years).

Once certified, you will become eligible to apply for employment at any aquatic facility in the United States accepting Red Cross Lifeguard Certification. This is a great summer job opportunity!