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Financial aid is our way of offering a wide variety of options for Academy families faced with a gap between the cost of an Army and Navy Academy education and their financial means. This allows us to work with families to make the academy accessible and affordable for more families. Every year, we reserve an annual budget for need-based financial aid. The Academy encourages parents to consider how they will finance the entirety of their cadet’s education at the Academy, so please think about a full middle school and/or full high school experience. Affording a day or boarding school education is often a blend of tuition assistance and other supports. Day and Boarding school options are available, so please refer to the Tuition page if you live locally and prefer a nonresidential option. 



Army and Navy Academy represents a significant investment in education. While we expect families to contribute to their cadet’s education to the best of their financial ability, the Academy offers financial assistance to close the gap between educational costs (day and boarding school) and family resources.

When we evaluate requests for need-based assistance, we look at the family’s financial picture, but we also review the applicants’ full education record and his level of commitment to attend our all boys school. 

Requests for need-based financial aid are considered only after a prospective cadet family has completed their enrollment contract.



Step 1:  Visit the School & Student Services website. First time users need to create an account. Returning users can log-in with their existing email and password.

Step 2:  Begin your Parent Financial Statement (PFS) application for the coming academic school year. Use School Code 1201. You can save and return to the form as needed.

Step 3:  Complete the financial aid application form, review, and submit. There is a nonrefundable fee as part of the application process. Applications for financial aid cannot be withdrawn from this platform.

Step 4:  Go to the “Manage Documents” section of the same website to upload the required official copy of your most recent tax returns. Previous years are invalid.

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How much does a boarding school cost?

First, please do not be deterred from applying to Army & Navy after viewing the tuition and fees. 

We offer a number of financial options to help you build out a long-term financial plan. 

Army & Navy Academy is in the lower range for west coast boarding schools. Keeping our tuition at Army & Navy Academy in this range has required strategic planning and careful containment of our operating costs. 

We realize that a boarding school education is an important investment and one that requires careful planning on your part. Feel free to speak openly with us about your circumstances, so we can make an education possible, not only for the first year, but through high school graduation.

For more information on the current cost of boarding schools, Boarding School Review provides national and state data. They also offer an easy system to view up to three schools at a glance. You will be able to quickly view other western boarding schools, such as: The Webb Schools, Stevenson School, Dunn School, Southwestern Academy, Ojai Valley School, and others to compare their tuition to Army & Navy Academy. 

Also, check out our blog about the cost of boarding school to read more about this topic. 


How do families create a financial plan?

First, check your budget, taxes, and determine all sources of funding to pay for tuition, fees, and other expenses. This includes a review of you 529 plans, savings, investments, home equity, contributions from family members, fundraising platforms, and loan options.

In addition to applying for financial assistance, we offer payment plans, referral incentives, discount programs, and more. Contact us to review and explore all options and to discuss your long-term plan. 

What is included in the tuition?

What is included in boarding school tuition? Are there other fees?  

  • Boarding School Tuition – This includes expenses related to: academics, athletics, campus life housing, many activities, and all meals.
  • Initial deposit or First Payment – This payment is due upon signing the enrollment contract. It will secure the space and demonstrates your commitment to enroll at Army & Navy Academy. 
  • Fees for Special Programs – This could cover: Learning Strategies, ESOL, Aviation, and other specialized programs. 
  • General Fees – Army & Navy, along with other Boarding schools charge fees to cover books, uniforms, laundry, and incidentals. There could also be fees associated with health center services and transportation services. 
  • Cost of special trips or events – These fees are typically charged separately to cover trips in the United States and abroad. Trips are optional. 
How are awards determined?

On average, more than 20% of families apply for tuition assistance each year.

We offer need-based financial assistance to families from a broad range of income levels in order bridge the gap between the tuition of Army and Navy Academy and what families are able to pay. 

Awards are administered by a financial aid committee which follows guidelines of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the methodology of the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) of Princeton, New Jersey.

We weigh these guidelines, along with the student’s level of dedication, academic excellence, and behavioral history when determining awards.

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Who can apply for financial assistance?

Who can apply for assistance?

Army and Navy Academy is committed to offering financial assistance to make attendance possible for all students, regardless of family and socioeconomic backgrounds.

For those families who may need additional resources, we would encourage you to apply for financial assistance after official acceptance.

In an effort to promote access to young men who will benefit from an outstanding college preparatory, all-boys’ education and whose contribution in and outside of the classroom will enrich the Warrior community, the Academy provides financial assistance to qualified families.

When should we apply for aid?

When should we apply?

Please begin your financial aid application after the applicant has been officially accepted. Also, ensure you meet deadlines to receive priority. 

Is there a maximum number of referrals?

There is no maximum and you will receive the $1000 for every verified enrollment you send our way. Contact the Admission Office for details.


  • Payment Plans: Choose a single-payment or eight-payment plan in the FACTS portal after completing the Continuous Enrollment Agreement (CEA) or first time enrollment contract. Domestic students only.
  • Tuition Loans: Contact us to learn more about third party lenders offering tuition loans to supplement awards and discounts.
  • 529 Plan: A 529 plan is an investment account that offers tax benefits when used to pay for qualified education expenses for a designated beneficiary
  • 3rd-Party or Online Fundraising: Many of our families use their own online or in-person fundraising efforts. Please disclose all contributors (including GoFundMe or other accounts). 
  • New Day USA Gold Star Families Scholarship: Eligible Gold Star families may apply and receive awards up to and including full coverage of tuition from New Day USA. Excludes books, uniforms, and incidentals.

Do you offer other awards or scholarships?

Awards and Scholarships 

  1. Do you offer merit awards? We give the highest priority and also more substantial assistance to students with strong records. 
  2. Do you offer athletic scholarships? Unlike colleges, we are under specific rules by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and cannot provide athletic scholarships. 
  3. Do you offer scholarships to military families? New Day USA provides awards up to and including full coverage of tuition to eligible members of Gold Star families. Scholarships do not include costs for books, uniforms, and incidentals. 


How do you use 3rd-Party or Online Fundraising?


  1. Is it okay to use 3rd-Party or Online Fundraising?  Many Army and Navy Academy families begin their journey via their own online or in-person fundraising efforts. Please let us know this is part of your plan. 
  2. Do I have to disclose who contributed? Please disclose all contributors (including GoFundMe or other accounts) and identify the fiscally responsible party in the Enrollment Contract.