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Leadership - WEst Point Style

Youth leadership training at Army & Navy Academy is closely modeled and inspired by world-class practices employed at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. In addition, we seek inspiration from the U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, U.S. Air Force Academy, and U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. 


As a nationally recognized JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction, we are shaping young men into tomorrow’s leaders. Our rich history and notable alumni are a testament to how leadership training is pivotal to careers in science, engineering, technology, law, medicine, business, government, military service, and the arts. 

A transformative experience at the Academy integrates the principles and practices of great leadership for youth. Aligned with the mission of JROTC, our training objectives center around citizenship, community service, and responsibility. 

Teenage boys learn how to take the lead in their own lives by following a structured day, managing their time effectively, setting goals, and by demonstrating respect in their communications and interactions with others. Unlike public schools and most private schools where leaders are chosen by popularity, our cadets are charged with a high level of responsibility in the governance of campus. They learn teamwork and acquire real world management skills as they lead, mentor, and guide others. Our highly successful youth leadership development program at Army & Navy fosters camaraderie, develops life and leadership skills, and opportunities to serve our community. Some of the many outcomes of JROTC and our Leadership Education Training (LET), include: Independence, resiliency, motivation, self-discipline, confidence, and a strong moral compass.

While most of our graduates attend public and private universities, a smaller percentage of graduates attend ROTC universities and the top service academies. Our college matriculation boasts higher education institutions, including: Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Columbia, Rutgers, MIT, NYU, University of Chicago, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCSD, UCI, Boston College, and the highly selective service academies. As more students complete our aviation course, we are seeing a growing number of graduates head off to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 

Regardless of your college and career choices, we will provide you with the mental, physical, social, and ethical tools needed for you to take the lead in your life.


As an Honor Unit with Distinction, the highly respected JROTC program at Army and Navy Academy gives our cadets the opportunity to cultivate core life skills like teamwork, organization, problem solving, character development, and communication. Our JROTC program, a youth leadership development program, serves to heighten your experience within the Corps of Cadets and builds a lasting brotherhood among our graduates. You will leave our military academy poised and prepared to become one of tomorrow’s leaders. 


The Army and Navy Academy is the place for developing human excellence in young men so they not only do well in their endeavours, they live well in their lives. Students explore the meaning of each of our core values with practical seminars and exercises to transform their mindsets. The values move from abstract ideas into actionable concepts. Not only will you strengthen your core values in our leadership development program, you will do community service projects to put your values into action. Honor. Integrity. Respect. Responsibility. Compassion. Gratitude. 


Every company of cadets is assigned a TAC (Trainer, Advisor, Counselor) Officer. These officers are life changers for teenage boys. Most TACs at Army and Navy Academy are retired military members with distinguished careers. They help guide, counsel and shape cadet lives. They monitor after school activity, including time spent in sports, clubs, study time, dorm inspections, and all aspects of residential life. If you are looking for male role models, this is the place where you will receive the encouragement and support you need. Your TAC will show you the ropes and help you push your potential.


Fun, fast, and dynamic, leadership development at the Academy is more than traditional student government found at other schools. Here, young men are responsible agents for the governance of the campus.

The popular and action-packed Officer Candidate Course (OCC) hones leadership skills to prepare cadets for higher ranks. You will face challenges like never before as you go through rigorous mental, social, and physical tests.


We adopt a well-defined organizational structure aimed at fostering leadership and character development. Modeled off of the leadership structure at the United States Military Academy at West Point, every cadet has a job that is part of a larger mission.

The skills you acquire as a follower and leader at Army and Navy Academy will serve you well in college and your future career.

“This school takes a young man and teaches him discipline, responsibility, ownership, and values. The TAC officers spend time getting to know each kid and facilitate problem solving with the boys. I’d consider any young man very lucky if he can attend this school. Colleges look at military schools for much more than grades and Army and Navy Academy delivers.”

–Roger S. (Academy Patron)


There’s no better way to set the next goal than by climbing the ranks. 

Nationally recognized as an Honor Unit with Distinction, our JROTC program helps boys define what leadership means to them, while reinforcing personal responsibility and service to the community. Cadets at our military academy can execute the leadership skills and techniques they learn in the classroom and far beyond in college and their future careers. Beyond application to service careers, these leadership skills apply to business and all professional fields. 

The military components of Army and Navy Academy provide an important rites of passage, habit and structure, attention to personal appearance, good manners, and peer leadership. 

This structure gives cadets the opportunity to flourish, developing them into responsible and inspiring leaders. Along the way, they learn to be key role models as they guide, counsel, motivate and mentor fellow cadets. Mentorship takes place at the peer level and cadets also benefit from mentorship from faculty, staff, coaches, and TACs. The guide post of JROTC is “to motivate young people to be better citizens.” – U.S. Army JROTC

To better understand the differences between JROTC and ROTC, please view our blogs on related topics.

Although a small percentage of our cadets choose to enlist, attend an ROTC university, or a top military service academy, the majority of our students attend traditional public and private colleges and universities. See our full college matriculation list for details. 



In a military school environment, leadership training is woven into all aspects of campus life and the academic day in the Leadership Education Training (LET) class.

The LET program currently includes the U.S. Army’s JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) program. This includes: first-aid/CPR training, time management, team building, leadership training used in the corporate world, and a character development program designed by our administration.

Though only a small percent of Army and Navy graduates enter military service, 100 percent are prepared for future leadership roles. Cadets acquire a strong sense of independence, responsibility, and follow a value system that serves them throughout their lives.

Leadership is perhaps the single most important element of the Warrior Experience.

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