Tuition and Fees


Tuition and fees for private school is a considerable investment, but the time to create your son’s tomorrow is the present. Your investment in Army and Navy Academy will be matched by our commitment to your teenage boy’s growth and development as we prepare him to succeed in college and far beyond. Whether you are working on ways to improve his academics, bolster his college options, establish a solid value system, develop his confidence, or help him become more motivated, Army and Navy Academy is a powerful and transformative investment in your teenager’s future. Check out the comparative statistics below .


Tuition for Academic Year 2022-2023

Boarding: $48,000      Day: $28,000

Boarding vs. Day: Boarding school tuition includes room and board. Day tuition includes daily lunch. Additional charges apply for books, uniforms, laundry, and incidentals, as well as specialized classes such as: English for Speakers of Other Languages and Learning Strategies.

Financial Assistance:  Private school tuition represents a significant investment in your teenager’s future. Statistics below support how a boarding school education can make a real impact on your teenager’s life.

Financial Assistance: While we expect families to contribute to their cadet’s tuition to the best of their financial ability, the Academy does offer financial assistance. Financial Assistance, for both day and boarding school students is intended to close the gap between educational costs and family resources. 

Student Performance: We evaluate requests for need-based financial assistance with an eye toward applicants’ academic performance, student behavior, and commitment. 

Apply After Acceptance: Requests for need-based financial assistance are considered only after a prospective cadet family has completed their enrollment contract.

Discounts: Army and Navy Academy also provides guaranteed tuition discounts for active duty military families, children of alumni, and siblings of current cadets to assist families with their military school tuition.

Additional Options: Check our Financial Assistance page to review all of the options to make a military school tuition affordable. Also, please feel free to address questions during your initial contact call with the Admission Office and during your campus visit. 

Financial Planning: We encourage all families to consider how they will finance the entirety of their cadet’s education at the Academy and budget accordingly. We are here to help and support you through the process. 

For questions about affording a military school tuition at Army and Navy Academy, please contact the Office of Admission at 888.762.2338. 


Boarding Students Private Day Students Public School Students
Average hours a week spent on homework 17 9 8
Report that their school is academically challenging 91% 70% 50%
Report having high-quality teachers 90% 62% 51%
Hours per week watching television 3 7 7
Hours per week participating in sports and exercise 12 9 9
Say that their schools provide opportunities for leadership 77% 60% 52%
Graduates report being very well prepared academically for college 87% 71% 39%
Former students achieve positions in top management by mid-career 44% 27% 33%
Say that their social lives do not revolve around drugs and alcohol 95% 82% 82%

*Information extracted from The Truth About Boarding Schools, published by The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS).