Cadet Life Hero


Boarding school life has a whole different feel at Army & Navy Academy. The beach is literally at your doorstep! Similar to a college setting, our 16-acre campus has everything you need for a fully integrated educational experience. After classes end, in the late afternoon and evening, there is time to participate in sports and clubs, as well as time tot unwind at the beach, hang out in the recreation hall, or take a walk into Carlsbad Village. In the evening, enjoy a chef-inspired dinner, mandatory study time, and dorm meetings to round out the structured daily schedule. During the weekend, cadet choose from a variety of activities both on or off campus such as: surfing, swimming, tennis, shopping movies, and excursions in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County. It is a whole new adventure every day!


Geared exclusively for teenage boys to prepare for college and life, Army & Navy Academy is a private military school for grades 7-12 (boarding and day options). Located in Carlsbad, California, the campus is located in San Diego County, with easy access to airports and all that Southern California has to offer. 


Built for boys, campus life at Army and Navy Academy is about fun, challenge, and the brotherhood. At the Academy, you will learn how to lead, develop your character, engage in teamwork, and forge new friendships. 

If you are looking to improve your circle of friends, form better habits and live a more balanced life, our military school offers the structure and motivation to help you achieve your goals. Here are some aspects of campus life: 

  • Fun at the Beach, Pool, and in the Oceanview Recreation Hall 
  • Support during Tutorial Period and Faculty Office Hours
  • Teamwork during JV, Varsity Sports, and Physical Training 
  • Rest, relaxation and walks off-campus to Carlsbad Village
  • Adventurous Weekend Trips and Spring Trips Abroad 
  • Dynamic Clubs, Activities, and Campus Events 

Living away from home can be fun and exciting on our beachfront campus in Carlsbad, California! An education and campus life experience at an all boys military boarding school is a chance to become more responsible and independent, as well as forge strong friendships.

If you are a boarding school student, you will share a room with someone from another town, state, or perhaps even a different country. If you are a day student, you will enjoy similar exposure, but you will go home after athletics.  

Modeling the best practices from the highly selective service academies, our West Point style military academy will show you how to be a leader, team player, and a good friend. You will learn how to adhere to a structured daily schedule, take care of your personal hygiene, clean your room, make your bed to specific standards, and communicate effectively with others. 

You will receive mentorship and guidance during all aspects of campus life. Your TAC officer will be there after classes end to help you seek out academic support, as well as get involved with sports, clubs, and weekend activities.. TACs (Trainer, Advisor, Coach) will mentor and guide you as you set goals for academics, leadership, character development, and athletics. They will also make sure you focus during the mandatory study time at night to improve your study habits and grades! 

Basically, TACs ensure that you live a balanced life and learn how to take good care of yourself. Through their guidance, you will see your motivation and habits improve in the following areas: nutrition, sleep, appearance, hygiene, physical fitness, mental fitness, value system, leadership skills, and communication. You will acquire a growth mindset and learn how to overcome limiting thoughts and behaviors.  

We are here for you every step of the way. The faculty will ignite your passion for learning, counselors will provide support, coaches will take you to you to peak physical fitness, and your TAC officer will help you become the best version of yourself. Step up to the challenge at Army and Navy and take the lead in your life!