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Academy by the Sea is a co-ed boarding and day summer camps that offers 6 Learning Paths for young people entering grades 7-12. A unique opportunity to laugh, learn, and lead, campers choose from six exciting experiential learning paths. Each path features a combination of class time and subject-related activities and trips in the morning and afternoon. Campers from all learning paths come together in the evening and over the weekend to share their experiences and participate in fun-filled relaxing activities.  Choose a Path of Interest and Contact Us to Explore

Along their learning path, campers will make friends, learn in a structured team-oriented and values-based supportive environment, and cultivate self-esteem, self-confidence and self-discipline. In two activity-filled weeks, campers will gain insight into what makes Army and Navy Academy one of California’s best boarding and college preparatory schools.
July 10th-22nd, 2023.


JULY 10-22, 2023

$3000 DAY


The Academy’s Marine Drone and Aquaculture Training Program will introduce your camper to the future of marine drone piloting. With teamwork and hands-on training at our local lagoon, campus pool, and private beachfront, this pioneering program takes campers on an exciting journey through the worlds of marine biology and oceanography with the aid of state-of-the-art underwater drones.

Campers will hop into the driver’s seat of drones and learn about aquaculture technology and techniques at the revolutionary Carlsbad Aquafarm. Aquaculture is one of the most exciting environmental science fields and is poised to help meet future food needs while preserving natural resources.


Academy by the Sea’s summer Leadership course has helped instill fundamental values in campers for over a decade. Using principles learned in the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC), our experienced instructors teach campers to explore their potential and learn the fundamentals of good citizenship, honor, integrity, and selfless service.

Your camper will hone valuable life skills through learning, fun activities, and adventure-based training that reinforces virtues, responsibility, and teamwork. Campers will work on respecting themselves and others and perform in a team-based environment that allows them to exercise principles of leadership and followership.

Campers completing two subsequent summers of JROTC Leadership camp at Army and Navy Academy will receive academic credit for a year of JROTC education.


Aviation Discovery introduces campers to aeronautics through flight simulators, drone piloting, project-based learning, and engaging in-class discussions. The Academy’s beachfront location provides a beautiful setting for your camper to take video and pictures with professional-grade drones.

Your camper will learn to aim high and engage with the aviation field in this dynamic and educational summer program. Campers will engage with the principles of flight, aircraft anatomy, space travel, and unmanned aircraft. They will discover the wide variety of careers in aviation and learn how to get their start in this highly lucrative professional field through earning sport, glider, drone, and private pilot certificates.


Computer Science Explore is an innovative video game design course that challenges campers to use the computer as a powerful tool to turn their vision into reality.

Campers will be introduced to the concepts of video game design and personal cyber hygiene. Building on the important concepts of data responsibility, the Linux operating system, open-source software, and file systems, campers will quickly move into programming with Python, visual asset creation, and 3D modeling with Blender. Together, campers will build and program a video game of their own original design using the skills they have learned during the course!


The Athletic Performance course addresses total skill development of the student athlete through training in such areas as strength and conditioning, speed and agility, and overall development. Campers will build confidence, leadership, and an understanding of nutrition that will accelerate them toward their goals as scholar athletes. Over the course of two high-octane weeks of rigorous physical training, campers will be put through various challenges to help improve their personal performance, mental confidence, and understanding of what makes a top athlete.

Campers will also learn essential life skills through engaging team activities and sport-specific challenges that will help equip them for future personal and athletic success.


Mike Basista
Associate Director of Admission, Summer Camps