Looking to find the right prep school to play basketball in high school? Army and Navy Academy, winner of numerous CIF Championships can help you improve your academics, while developing your leadership and athletic skills.

A hidden gem on the west coast, Army and Navy Academy is ranked as one of the best private schools for basketball and best boarding schools for this sport. Since 1910, Army and Navy Academy has been educating and developing future leaders and athletes through a rigorous college prep experience specifically built for boys in grades 7-12.


Frequently profiled in the San Diego Union Tribune, the Academy is a frequent contender for CIF championships in a number of sports, including basketball. Known throughout Southern California, spectators often comment about the cadets’ strong leadership, teamwork, and good character at basketball games.

Around the clock, scholar-athletes at Army and Navy have an opportunity to achieve in the classroom and out on the court. This means, the Academy takes academic excellence, as well as athletic performance very seriously in an effort to instill self-discipline and motivation in boys. An all-boys prep school should be fun, fast, interactive, and team oriented. We are proud to say the Academy checks all the boxes.

Beyond the boy-centered academic methods and the robust athletic offerings, the Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad provides a stellar West Point-style leadership training program, alongside character development focused on traditional values and good citizenship. To get boys thinking ahead to college and the future, the prep school experience offers a rigorous UC standard-based curriculum and career-oriented interactive electives (e.g. aviation, computer science, cyber security, game development, video production).

Many high school graduates from Army and Navy Academy matriculate to top public and private universities and receive athletic scholarships. Some noteworthy higher education institutions include: UCLA, UCSB, UCSD, Georgetown, Cornell, Columbia, NYU, Rutgers, Stanford, Texas A & M, University of Michigan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States Military Academy at West Point.

In some cases, athletic scholarships even offset the costs of the prep school education received at the Academy. Over the years, many graduates have received awards, grants, financial aid, athletic scholarships, and even full-ride scholarships to top ROTC universities.

With the Academy’s emphasis on athletic participation, young men in high school get moving to hit their peak physical performance. Our junior varsity and varsity coaches will mentor and guide you and so will your peers. It is all about teamwork and brotherhood at Army & Navy Academy. Here is some basic information about athletics at our college prep school:

Prep School Teams – Junior Varsity, Varsity and Middle School Teams

CIF Champions – As a member of the CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) Coastal Conference, the Academy participates in CIF sanctioned sports. Ranked by Private School Review as one of the best private schools in California for basketball, Army and Navy Academy stands out amongst the competition. Since 1910, the Warrior Basketball team has won numerous CIF championships.

Worldwide Popularity –  Basketball is widely popular at our all-boys boarding school, not only with our U.S. citizens, but our international students from other countries. Prep school students come from near and far to attend the Academy, including: China, Canada, Japan, Dominican Republic, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and New Zealand.

Athletic Scholarships – Playing basketball in high school can put you on a path for athletic scholarships. One of the benefits of attending a small day and boarding school geared for boys is that you have a chance to really stand out and receive special recognition. To support the college and scholarship process, our counselors provide comprehensive college planning services to help senior athletes apply for financial aid (FAFSA) and apply for college scholarships.

Athletic Facilities – Not only does the Warrior team stand out at Army Navy Academy, but ask any basketball coach in San Diego and they will tell you our Duffield Athletic Center is one of the best athletic facilities in all of Southern California. The lighting, the polished court, the workout rooms, are ideal for basketball athletes and fans. The Academy has built new facilities, as well as modernized facilities across campus like the beachfront, tennis courts, and swimming pool.

Athletic Options – Students at Army and Navy Academy have many varsity and junior varsity sport and fitness options. CIF sports, Club Sports, Strength and Conditioning, specialized Physical Education Classes and PT (physical training) are offered throughout the year. At the Academy, you can play basketball and participate in other fitness and sport options as you choose: surfing, swimming, tennis, golf, track and field, soccer, wrestling, baseball, lacrosse, football.

Basketball Highlights 

Find out about private school scores in San Diego County and various updates in the San Diego Union Tribune. You can also set up an account on the MaxPreps app and check this page for upcoming basketball games. Families and the public can support the Warriors Basketball Team by attending games or by watching our live streaming on our ANA YouTube channel.

The Best Benefits of Playing Basketball

There are many mental, physical, and social benefits of playing basketball at Army & Navy Academy including:

  1. Enjoy fun and make new friends – At our prep school, it is all about the brotherhood. Here, you will make lifelong friends and build strong bonds. Practice basketball in the Duffield Sports Center, surf the waves after a great game, and receive male mentorship from top coaches.
  2. Elevate your physical fitness – Basketball is a terrific sport to get in shape. It builds endurance and stamina.It will improve your overall cardio health, flexibility, and bone health. You will naturally begin sleeping and eating better to stay in tip top shape.
  3. Improve your mental fitness – Sports participation has been shown to improve academic performance. Basketball will make you more alert and engaged in class and you will see your grades improve.
  4. Set goals and achieve them – The Academy is big on goal-setting to motivate you to become the best version of yourself. Every day at our prep school, you will follow a structured daily schedule that balances academics, athletics, and campus life activities (e.g. clubs, rest and relaxation, meals, mandatory study time, and dorm meetings).
  5. Become a better team player – Learning how to lead, guide, and mentor others, as well as teamwork are integral to all aspects of campus life. The Academy integrates teamwork into classes, career electives, clubs, sports and leadership activities.
  6. Learn how to lead others – Leadership is a cornerstone at Army and Navy Academy, so athletic leadership is all part of the overall educational experience. Students take Leadership Education Training (LET) classes, and do training activities similar to West Point and the other top service academies (USNA, USAFA, USCGA, USMMA).
  7. Employ strategic thinking – It’s all about the next move and being strategic in basketball. We watch and learn from basketball greats like the Golden State Warriors, the recipients of numerous NBA championships. Warrior Strong!
  8. Develop strong values – Athletes help set the tone on campus and students look to them as role models for good character. They are expected to embody and demonstrate our core values: honor, integrity, respect, responsibility, compassion, and gratitude.
  9. Gain Confidence – Basketball is a great sport to increase your level of confidence and improve self-esteem. As you witness your own improvement in this sport, you will experience individual and collective confidence. You will also learn important life lessons from winning as well as from losses..
  10. Get grit and tenacity – Army and Navy Academy is modeled after the training provided at the highly selective service academies. West Point has shown that military leadership training leads to the acquisition of grit and tenacity. Check out some of the findings in Angela Duckworth’s New York Times bestseller Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. In the book, she shares insights from her time spent at West Point, where she saw the struggles and challenges faced by cadets.

As you can see, Army and Navy Academy stands out amongst other prep schools in Southern California for basketball. This is a college prep education, where you can take your academics and athletic performance to the next level and reap the full benefits of playing this sport. Big dreams? Why not make a bold choice and play basketball at Army and Navy Academy?

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