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Army and Navy Academy is more than just a premiere military boarding school for boys in grades 7 through 12. At a time when boys are struggling in the classroom and college, the Academy is a life changer . Our structured environment and evidence-based approach to teaching boys in the ways that boys learn best, helps our students achieve in college and far beyond. The Office of Admission stands ready to help you make the best school choice for a day or boarding school experience.

Be a Life Changer for Boys! As you probably know, boys have unique educational needs that are not being met in most public and private school settings. The current generation of boys is increasingly falling behind in academics, resulting in a crisis in higher education. The number of men enrolled in college has decreased by more than 1 million in just the last few years! The Academy offers a strong alternative, a place where boys have a chance to ignite their passion in learning, develop strong character, and become our future leaders.  

Unlike most middle and high schools in the U.S., Army and Navy Academy uses evidence-based strategies to teach boys how they learn best, both in and out of the classroom. We help instill structure, self-discipline, and motivation that helps boys succeed at the Academy, in college, and in life. 

We are a model school for boys. We “get” boys! We take a research and evidence based approach to curriculum design and our teaching methodologies. Our military school for boys is uniquely positioned to help boys move toward manhood. They grow, develop, and thrive through interactive and practical real-world learning in all aspects of academics, athletics, and campus life. 

We tie learning to the real world. As a college preparatory private school, we encourage boys to explore their passions to gain real world professional skills. Classes, electives, and clubs tie in with career development, such as: aviation, business, computer science, cybersecurity, forensics, game development, sports medicine, leadership management, and STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics). Mental fitness and a growth mindset are key! 

We care about every student. Boasting a 9:1 student-to-teacher ratio, our military boarding school for boys is set up to focus on every cadet around the clock. Small class sizes are just the beginning. We offer supportive study aids, including daily tutorial, mandatory evening study time, faculty office hours, and peer tutoring. We promote intellectual curiosity and growth, as well as acceleration through a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors classes. We also offer special support programs for Learning Strategies for mild-to-moderate learning differences and ESOL/ESL for international students. 

We build a desire to succeed. It all begins with commitment, so we only accept students to our military academy who make the choice to attend our middle and/or high school. As a result, we see students show rapid improvement in their study habits, grades, time management, and goal-setting. Cadets are surrounded by faculty, staff, and peers who will help them grow on all levels as a leader and a person of good character. Our unique Cadet Life program supports boys by teaching them self-discipline, responsibility, and resilience in a highly structured environment.


The Academy accepts new students based upon the following:

  • Academic Transcripts and Records 
  • Commitment to Attend
  • Personal and Educational References
  • Disciplinary Record 
  • Student Questionnaire and Interview
  • Attendance Records 



Army and Navy Academy is a college preparatory private military school for boys that does not push graduates toward military service. Rather, we employ a West Point style approach to cultivate high aspirations and standards of excellence. 

The vast majority of graduates choose to attend traditional public and private universities after graduation, including: Stanford, Cornell, Columbia, Georgetown, Rutgers, University of Chicago, NYU, USC, UCLA, UCSB, UCSD, UCI, UC Davis, UC Berkeley and many other top universities. A small percentage of the Corps of Cadets choose to enlist in the military and some elect to opt into ROTC programs at universities or attend the top military service academies: USNA, USMA, USCGA, USAFA, USMMA. 

Our college counseling staff supports and provides extensive workshops, lessons, and individualized counseling sessions to help students navigate college decisions and the application process.


As boys move toward adulthood, they benefit from an umbrella of male support and mentorship. By focusing on research-based practices informing how boys learn best, we deliver a top-notch college preparatory experience.

Many students are drawn to Army and Navy Academy because they know they need more structure, self-discipline, and motivation to reach their goals. A boarding school for boys makes all the difference. 

Our structured days, supportive academic program, and leadership curriculum fuel the drive to improve grades, manage time effectively, become more engaged in learning, gain confidence and resilience, and develop the independence necessary to succeed in college. 


We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school administered programs. Army and Navy Academy takes pride in school diversity.  Students come from all over the United States and from countries around the globe. 


Army and Navy Academy is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Accreditation requires compliance with rigorous standards for private day and boarding schools. 

What is the best way to get started?

Families may have different preferences to begin the journey. Some call or request information; however, the application is the best place to begin. It allows us to gather some preliminary information so that we can make our first contact with you highly personalized. 

There is no fee to apply and it only takes a few minutes to complete. Apply Now! 


United States Applicants:  


International Applicants: 

+1 (760) 547.5285

No Fee to Apply! 

Allow us to get to know a few details before we speak by filling in our request information form or the online application as your first step. 


What are the criteria for admission?

Are you ready to step up to challenge and make significant progress? 

We look at the student’s commitment to attend as our key priority and then look at the whole picture based on transcripts, disciplinary record, standardized test scores, a writing sample, and a student interview.

Our admission counselors will ask questions to get to know each applicant personally. This happens on tour, through our questionnaire, and during the interview process.

Do you offer both boarding and day?

We offer both options. Some students choose to reside (board) on campus, while some local students prefer to reside at home (day students). 

Typically, our school is comprised of approximately 90% boarding and 10% day. 

Junior boarding is for grades 7-8 and these dorms are set apart from the high school dorms for grades 9-12. 



What is the daily schedule?

Student Body Composition – Approximately 90% of our cadets board and 10% are day cadets.

Day – Most day cadets live within close proximity to the campus or they are dropped off and picked up by parents commuting to work. 

Boarding – Boarding school students live in dorms (aka barracks) and go home on weekends or stay on campus. We also offer residential summer leadership camps. 

Schedule – The Daily Schedule is highly structured for both day or boarding students. View our schedules and come take a campus tour to learn more. 

Do some graduates go to West Point or one of the other service academies?

Army and Navy Academy has a long history of preparing leaders for a variety of careers, including diplomacy and military service.

We are college prep, but also a service academy prep school due to our stellar JROTC leadership training and LET classes. 

While most graduates attend public and private universities, some students do matriculate to the top service academies: U.S. Military Academy-West Point, U.S. Military Academy-Annapolis, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, U.S. Air Force Academy, and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. 

In addition, some students attend ROTC universities such as: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Norwich, or VMI. There are also universities that offer ROTC optional programs like USC, UCLA, and many others.

We can help you gain a competitive edge through our rigorous academics, West Point-style leadership training, JV and Varsity sports, character development, and specialized classes, clubs, and programs (e.g. aviation, cyber security).  


Is this school college prep or focused on military service academies?

Our primary focus is on a college prep experience, especially given that most graduates attend traditional four-year universities following high school graduation. 

A small percentage of cadets view the Academy as a service academy prep school because they plan to enroll in an ROTC or service academy following high school graduation.

Only a very small percentage choose to enlist directly and we do not promote enlistment. JROTC is to create strong citizens and leaders, whereas ROTC (higher education) does involve service requirements. See our blog on the differences. 

See our College Matriculation for a full list. 


Do students transfer from other schools?

For our junior boarding or middle day school for grades 7-8, students come from K-6 public schools, private schools, and even homeschools. We welcome students from all types of schools and have had students enroll from schools including: Carden Carden Conservatory Preparatory School, St. Catherine’s Academy, The Children’s School, Alexander Dawson School and many other elementary schools. 

For the high school, students typically enroll for a full high school experience; however, the Academy does accept students entering grades 9-12. 

High school students typically come from public schools, private schools,  boarding schools, and even  international schools.

Over the years, we have had students transfer from other private schools: Stevenson School, Ojai Valley School, Athenian School,  Southwestern Academy, Francis Parker School,  Fusion Academy, as well as public high schools: Carlsbad High School, Newport Harbor High School, Laguna Beach High and many others. 

In addition, when searching for the right military school, families often report they checked out Marine Military Academy (TX), Riverside Military Academy (GA), Culver Academies (IN), New York Military Academy (NY), St. John’s Northwestern Academies (WI) and other college prep / service academy prep schools.  


What is there to do during the weekend?

Army and Navy Academy’s cadets come to us from all over the world, so many students remain on campus during the weekend.

We offer a wide variety of  weekend activities for cadets who remain on campus, including trips to theme parks, museums, boating, fishing, skating, mountain hikes, and more. Cadets are also able to enjoy our campus and surroundings with beach activities, movie theater trips, shopping, and “local liberty” in Carlsbad Village.

Many local and some regional students go home on weekends. We have adjusted our academic schedule to allow for a shortened academic day on Fridays to accommodate travel.

Approximately one weekend a month is designated as a “closed” weekend, meaning that cadets are expected to remain on campus for special events like parades, dances, concerts, and more. Parents are invited to attend special weekend events and parent-teacher conferences.

All students, including international students, go home for holiday breaks and during the summer.

What sports do you offer?

A variety of JV, Varsity and team sports are offered. We recommend you check out our athletics section. 

Army and Navy Academy is ranked in the Top 20 Best  Boarding Schools for a number of sports and has been the winner of numerous CIF championships.


What kinds of clubs do you offer?

We offer over 20 clubs to get students engaged in specific interests and even career directions.

Check out our clubs and electives under the Academics section. 

Clubs offer students a chance to do community service, learn about business, art, writing, as well as enjoy chess, forensics, games, green initiatives, and more.

We also offer specialized organizations like Model United Nations, Harvard Model Congress, and Honor Council.

How diverse is Army and Navy Academy?

Army and Navy Academy fully recognizes the importance of a diverse student body. Our Corps of Cadets has students from across the United States and countries from around the world.

U.S. students hail from CA, AZ, NV, CO, WA, OR, MT, UT, WY, NJ, NY, IL and other states. On the international front, students come from Mexico, Canada, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Rwanda, Dominican Republic, and more.

We believe that diversity is essential to cultivating respect for differences and encourages cadets to expand their horizons. Additionally, we have a strong focus on multicultural activities, trips abroad, world cuisine, and cultural events to help educate cadets about an increasingly global society. The Academy is one of very few boarding schools offering a robust ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) program. 

What is the Academy's stance on technology?

We encourage responsible use of all technologies, including cell phones, tablets, and other personal devices. Cadets are allowed to bring personal devices on campus in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy.

We have specific areas and time periods when cell phones may be used.

Our academic lessons incorporate technology and stress the importance of digital literacy, responsible usage, and acceptable online behavior.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes, there are many options to explore with us. If you are a student, ask your parents to call us for more information.

The financial assistance page provides an overview of various programs and we can discuss all of the options by phone, virtual conference, or during your visit.

Where are you located?

The Academy is located in a safe quaint Carlsbad Village. Carlsbad is in North County San Diego. 

The Academy is set on over 16 acres and offers quick access to the village center and major airports. 

From many vantage points, the Pacific Ocean can be viewed and there is direct beach access. 

The campus is just a five minute walk to Carlsbad Village (San Diego County).

Just like many small college towns, the village has shops, restaurants, movie theaters, and cultural venues. But, unlike any school or college, the ocean is on full view at our full facility campus.

Contact us for a campus tour!  Phone: 888.762.2338

How far is the nearest airport?

San Diego International Airport is less than 45 minutes away and transit to train stations is just around the corner. LAX is also an international airport in Los Angeles and it is approximately 2 hours and the John Wayne Airport in Orange County is approximately 1 hour away.

Read more about transportation options.

Do you belong to national associations?

To stay current on educational topics, we are proud members of the following associations:

National Association of Independent Schools 

California Association of Independent Schools

Western Boarding School Association

The Association of Boarding Schools

Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States

Enrollment Management Association

We also continually work to build relationships with members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), local Chambers of Commerce, and other groups.