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Counseling Services

Counseling at Army & Navy Academy takes a unified approach to maximize the impact on the academic, social, and emotional growth and development of our students. We offer practical services to navigate academics and college planning, as well as to address social and emotional topics. We are here to help you transform your future outlook as you improve your academics, increase your mental fitness, and enhance your social life in middle school and high school. 


The Counseling Department is here as a resource for your son as he experiences a time of growth, accomplishment, and change. Our counselors work to help Army and Navy Academy both boarding and day school students develop the competencies necessary to make self-directed, realistic, and responsible decisions. Counselors play a critical role in helping provide support to our male students through classroom guidance lessons, group activities, one-on-one counseling sessions, and school-wide counseling initiatives.

Here are some of the services offered that are geared for boys in middle and high school:  academic scheduling, college planning services, college campus tours, classroom guidance lessons, and school psychologist appointments.


Students, especially in a boarding school, often seek out their friends or peers when they are experiencing a problem. For this reason, we provide a Peer Counseling Program, so students (cadets) can reach out anytime and know that they will be understood and heard.

To prepare students for this important role, Peer Counselors attend intense training, led by the Counseling Department. During training, they work on listening and conflict resolution skills. Peer Counselors, easily identified on campus by their blue and orange chord, are also trained by staff on how to identify if a personal situation should be referred to an adult counselor. Adult counselors and our school psychologist offer individualized and group sessions to support and address any issues that arise.


There is nothing more gratifying than witnessing a student’s improvement in academics and the thrill that comes from college acceptance letters to top colleges, universities, and service academies.  It is not surprising that alumni often stay in touch with their counselor and share how their lives were shaped while attending the Academy. Counselors play a vital role in this transformative learning experience.

Any questions? Contact one of our college counselors:

Do counselors help high school students get into college?

Counselors at Army and Navy Academy play an instrumental role in helping students navigate the world of college choices, applications, essays, test prep, and recommendation letters. 

Do the college counselors help international students apply to universities in the U.S.?

The counseling staff at the Academy welcomes  international students to their office to discuss their academic schedules, work on their college plans, and address other social/emotional topics. 

Do the school counselors help transfer students with academic credits?

Prior to enrolling at Army and Navy Academy, students come from K-6, K-8 elementary/middle schools and public high schools. Many students also transfer form other private schools, boarding schools, and even homeschools.

The counselors help ensure students are able to transfer credits from their other schools, so they work alongside the registrar on transcripts and other academic documentation.

The counselors make every effort to guide students through individualized sessions, workshops, and special programs to set every student up for social and academic success. 

Do counselors help with mental health?

Being a teenager today is challenging. We are here for you! Counselors are here to help mentor, guide, and support your educational experience at the academy.  To support health and well-being, they address a number of mental health topics such as: stress management, homesickness, depression, test anxiety, life habits, conflict resolution, and much more.