The Military School Advantage

The competition for college acceptance has never been tougher and students and their parents are constantly searching for ways to give themselves an edge in the process.

Attending a military boarding school not only sets your college application apart from the rest, but it also provides the foundation for success after college and into the future.

Advantages of Boarding Schools

Boarding school students report feeling academically prepared for college more than students at other types of schools. The rigorous academic curriculum and low student to teacher ratios at boarding schools prepare students for success in the classroom. The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) reports that 87% of boarding school students report being very well prepared for college academically, which is a greater percentage than those who attend private day or public schools.

Furthermore, graduates of boarding schools are ready for college life in a different way from other students. They have already experienced living on their own, gaining experience, and making choices about time management and organization, leading to an easier transition to college than students from other types of schools.

In fact, TABS states that 78% of boarding school graduates report being very well-prepared for the non-academic facets of college life (independence, time management, etc.) compared to 36% of private day and 23% of public school students.

Boarding allows for 24-hour training and creates an opportunity for education and character growth outside the mundane confines of the academic boundaries. The complete process of the Academy’s education and development is meant to build a boy into a man, a virtuous man.

Advantages of Military Schools

Boarding schools provide students with a leg up in college preparedness, and military boarding schools take this even further. Military schools differ from other boarding schools in terms of the emphasis placed on self-discipline, self-sufficiency, and values. Success at a military school is based on personal merit and accomplishment, giving a sense of self-confidence that leads to success.

The stereotype of military schools as feeders for enlistment is outdated. The Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States only allows college preparatory schools to be members and all member schools educate the core values of duty, leadership, and service to others.

Army and Navy Academy is a place for developing human excellence in young men so that they not only do well in their endeavors, but they live well in their lives. Learning how to live, work, and team up with others cultivates close ties, positive communications, and requires young men to look within at their values and take responsibility for their actions.

Ready for Success

A military boarding school education prepares a student for college and life beyond in a way that other types of schools are unable to match. Graduates are equipped with the skills to be leaders in their community, with strong abilities in self-discipline, organization, teamwork, and citizenship. They are truly equipped with the tools for success.

To be ready for college and life beyond means much more today than academic preparation; it means life readiness. One of the biggest takeaways that our Alumni cite is that they learned how to balance their day between intellectual, social, and physical pursuits, manage their time effectively, prioritize, and make good decisions. When our Cadets enter college, they feel prepared to build strong relationships, organize their schedules, aim high, follow their moral compass, and stay connected with their brothers from the Academy.


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