The decision to attend a military boarding school is a big one, and one that is often misunderstood. Some people think that military high schools are reform schools, but this isn’t the case. A military boarding school education provides students with a challenging, college-prep curriculum that includes character and leadership education.

There are lots of good reasons to consider a military boarding school, but here are our top 5.

1. Future Success

The number one reason to go to a military boarding school is to give yourself the skills to be successful in the future. The combination of challenging academics and development of life skills give graduates the tools to thrive in college and whatever career you may choose after that.

Graduates are equipped with the skills to be leaders in their community, with strong abilities in self-discipline, organization, teamwork, and citizenship. They truly have the tools for success.

2. Structure

Structure is one of the cornerstones of a military boarding school education. Each day is highly structured, with all of the essential pieces put into a schedule. There’s a specific time for homework, physical training, and even relaxation.

The daily structure helps students, especially boys, develop qualities like time management, self-discipline, and motivation. These are skills that will help them succeed in all sorts of future endeavors.

3. Citizenship

Citizenship is a theme throughout the JROTC curriculum, and a quality that military boarding schools emphasize. These schools not only educate about the basics of good citizenship, but also provide opportunities to put those lessons into action.

At ANA, for example, Cadets are heavily involved in the community as active citizens. They participate in local Rotary Club meetings, lead service projects, and host community events for our neighbors. They are active members of our local community, and citizens of good standing.

 4. Character

We define character as the combination of emotional, individual, and moral qualities that distinguishes a person, and character education is a 24/7 endeavor at a military boarding school.

Lessons about character run throughout all aspects of Cadet Life. They are discussed in the classroom, reinforced by TAC (Trainer Advisor Counselor) Officers, and emphasized in athletics. All adults on campus are mentors, and all are fully committed to helping Cadets develop their character.

5. Education

A military school education focuses on several areas – the traditional core classes, like math and science; leadership training based on the JROTC curriculum; and character development lessons.

Because students live on campus, teachers have more time to help their students succeed in class. They are available after school for tutorial and office hours to spend time with students who’d like extra instruction or assistance to supplement classroom time.



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