When you hear the phrase “military boarding school for boys,” what do you think of? There are many misconceptions out there, so we’d like to set the record straight and explain exactly what a military boarding school education involves.

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The military environment is designed to give young men the opportunity to develop leadership skills and character. It is not a tool to train teenagers to join the military after graduation.

There are several ways the military structure and tradition shape Cadets’ leadership and character:

  • The chain of command teaches Cadets how to follow, then how to lead – you must know how to follow before you can effectively lead others.
  • Uniforms instill pride in the school, while creating a common bond between all Cadets.
  • Military structure provides consistency that helps boys develop essential life skills like responsibility, accountability, discipline, and self-motivation.


Boarding Schools

First and foremost, military boarding schools for boys are dedicated to education. As college preparatory schools, all aspects of life are ultimately designed to help Cadets excel in the classroom.

The boarding environment is essential because it gives us the opportunity to reinforce classroom lessons 24/7.

A boarding environment is proven to be the most effective in preparing students for college. According to The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), 87% of boarding school graduates say they were well-prepared for college academically, compared with just 39% of public school students. Much of this is due to boarding schools’ small class sizes and extra supports like study hall and office hours.


Boys’ brains develop differently from girls’, and the single gender environment allows teachers to take advantage of this in the classroom.

At the Academy, all teachers are trained in brain-based teaching techniques that are most effective for boys. You won’t see a 50-minute lecture in an Academy classroom. Instead, you’ll see hands-on experiments, competitive lessons, and more.

Further, boys are relational learners. This means that the relationships with teachers, mentors, and fellow students are essential to their learning processes. Between teachers, coaches, Trainer Advisor Counselors (TACs), and peers, Cadets have the opportunity to form strong relationships with a diverse group on campus, allowing for greater learning potential.

As you can see, a military boarding school for boys offers a unique learning environment that allows young men to become stronger leaders, academics, and citizens.

Army and Navy Academy is the only school on the West Coast that offers this unique combination of a boarding environment, military tradition, and single gender teaching techniques. This is what makes the Academy special, and an extraordinary opportunity for extraordinary young men.