AVIATION SCHOOL Helps Boys Aim High!

The Warrior Aviation Program is offered at Army and Navy Academy as an elective class to introduce cadets to the challenging and rewarding world of aviation. Whether cadets wish to become airline or commercial pilots, engineers, air traffic controllers, operations supervisors, or enter other aviation related careers, this high school aviation program will provide the path to their success. Looking for a private boarding school geared for boys with a comprehensive aviation program in San Diego? Army and Navy Academy is the place to aim high and learn to fly while you are in high school.  Ranked in the Top 5 Boarding Schools in California! 


Aviation schools are hard to find, especially for high school students. One of very few private day and boarding schools in the U.S. offering a comprehensive aviation program for youth, Army and Navy Academy is a real stand out. Geared for boys, our approach is fast, fun, and action-packed. Aim high and learn to fly!

The academic track leverages STEM courses and capitalizes on our teaching methods geared for boys. Interactive and hands-on, the Flight Track leads students into the cockpit for their first solo flight and on to earn their Private Pilot rating by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

First Year: First-year cadets are introduced to the boundless world of Aviation and Space Flight in the Aviation Introduction Course. Additionally, first-year cadets will receive hands-on flight experience with The Academy’s Zephyr drone simulators and  X-Plane Flight Simulator, while studying historical “Heroes of Flight,” and becoming familiar with numerous Pathways to Professionalism in the aviation field.

Second-year: During the second year, cadets will dive into specific aviation classes presented in FAA-approved Ground School, while perfecting their flying skills with our simulators and drones. Cadets will be able to choose their Pathway to Professionalism and begin to concentrate on specific aspects of their chosen field. Our aviation school program is geared to get boys engaged in learning practical real-world skills to prepare for them for college and career. 

Third-year: Cadets in their third year will be provided the requisite knowledge to pass the FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone license which allows the pilot to be hired commercially for popular opportunities such as real estate aerial photography or land mapping.  Aviation classes will cover the details of aircraft systems, Aeronautical Decision Making, and the three major factors related to manned flight: The Human Element, The Mechanical Element, and the Environmental Element. The Drone Zone will offer many flight opportunities with our Mavic Pro drones and culminate in building a drone from scratch, flight testing, and completing a race course.

Fourth-year: The final year of the Warrior Aviation Program culminates in cadets enjoying immersion in their chosen Pathway to Professionalism. Prospective pilots concentrate on flying the Cessna 172 on one of our Redbird Basic Aviation Training Devices and will be exposed to all the knowledge required to pass the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test. High school students will be trained in all flight maneuvers required by the FAA Private Pilot Practical Test, which will give them a head start in proficiency before they even get into an aircraft. Our San Diego County beachfront campus is located near many airports, This allows cadets opportunities to fly during the academic year, while acquiring additional aviation knowledge and simulator skills on campus.

Are military schools better than other boarding schools for aviation?

Very few traditional boarding schools in the U.S. offer aviation programs, so choosing a military school with aviation classes could be ideal.

If you are serious about becoming an aviator, keep in mind that military schools are college preparatory.

While a small percentage of graduates go to ROTC universities or attend the service academies like West Point, most of the graduates at Army and Navy Academy attend traditional public or private universities. 


Where do graduates attend college for aeronautics?

tt or Graduates of Army and Navy Academy often find Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to be a popular choice. With two locations in the U.S., students can either attend the university in Daytona Beach, Florida or Prescott, Arizona. 

In addition, students often consider the one of the service academies such as: the United States Air Force Academy, United States Military Academy at West Point, or the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. 

Other higher education choices include: Purdue University, San Jose State University, Southern Illinois University, Indiana State University, Utah State University, Montana State University, Kent State University and many other fine colleges and universities.

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Does this school help students get into the service academies?

Founded in 1910, Army and Navy Academy has a long history of helping students gain admission to the highly selective service academies: USAFA, USMA, USNA, USCGA, USMMA. 

As a point in fact, all uniformed branches have their own pilots and air arm, with the exception of the Public Health Service. 

Are you West Point,  Annapolis or Service Academy Bound? Learn more about how we can help you get a competitive edge.

Contact the Admission Office at 888.762.2338. 


Is this a boarding school only or is there a day option?

This is both a boarding and a day school. Approximately 80-90% of the students do reside on campus. The day option offers similar access to classes, clubs, and athletics, as well as lunch. 

Do your have to be a boarding school student to be in the aviation program?

Students are allowed to enroll in the Warrior Aviation classes, regardless of their boarding or day status. 

Do you have to be in high school?

Students must be in our high school program to enter the program; however, aviation clubs and activities are available for middle school students.  

Where is this school located?

Located in Carlsbad (San Diego County), California on a beachfront property.   

Are there clubs and other activities for aviation interests?

Absolutely! Check out our Warrior Aviation Club, where students fly drones and do other aviation related activities.

We also offer a maker space to build things during free time and weekends, and special excursions to learn more about the world of aviation.  

Are there airports in San Diego?

There are municipal airports near the Academy as well as the San Diego International Airport.

In addition, the John Wayne Airport is within an hour and LAX is just 2 hours away.  

Do you offer a summer camp with aviation?

The Academy offers a summer leadership camp with aviation as an elective. Check out our offerings under Summer.  

Are aviation schools for youth?

Yes, this day and boarding school is for youth. In fact, it is geared for boys in middle and high school.

There are many aviation schools and lessons out there, but completing an aviation program while attending a private school  can set your college application apart. It will also put you on a career pathway. 

Is aviation a growing field?

Commercial pilots are in high demand and opportunities within aviation are continuing to grow. You can also explore becoming a private pilot or flying helicopters. 

Beyond pilot careers, you might consider some other options including: air traffic controller, aerospace engineering, manufacturing engineering, operations supervisor, cartography, airport architecture, and other supervisory positions.  Check out our blogs on related topics under Perspectives. 

Are STEM classes important to become a pilot?

If you want to become a pilot, it is important to gain skills in STEM classes in high school. Focus on classes in math, science, computer science, and join clubs related to aviation, business, technology and related areas. 

The Warrior Aviation Program promises a head start on the path to a very successful college experience and future career.

Those who complete the course will not only be well-positioned to pass the Private Pilot written exam, but also prepared for college, future leadership roles, and a possible career in the Aviation sector.

The U.S. will soon need an average of 70 new pilots per day to overcome the rapid rate at which current pilots are retiring

Instructor: Kevin Moss, Retired Marine Lt. Col

Kevin Moss spent 22 years in aviation in the Marines including commander of the Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 462 in Iraq from 2007-08. He was solely responsible for the leadership, training, mission effectiveness, and maintenance readiness of a combat-deployed heavy lift helicopter squadron consisting of 325 Marines and Sailors and 18 CH-53E helicopters. He deployed squadron to support combat operations in OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM and delivered all Marines and Sailors safely back to their families.

Moss has over 2600 hours of flight time garnered in the Fleet Marine Force and has experience as a Weapons & Tactics Instructor, Night Systems Instructor, Defensive Maneuvers Instructor, Instrument Instructor, Navy Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization Instructor, and Maintenance Functional Check Instructor.

He also worked as an Adjunct Instructor at the Expeditionary Warfare School at USMC College of Distance Education & Training. Expeditionary Warfare School educates and trains company-grade officers to prepare them mentally, morally, and physically for billets of increased leadership across the Marine Corps and Joint Force.

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