Need to find a boarding school that offers extracurricular activities and dynamic electives in your areas of interest? We will explore a variety of extracurricular clubs and activities that will not only ignite new interests, but will provide new challenges and enjoyment. 

The overview below showcases extracurricular offerings at Army and Navy Academy, a private day and boarding school for boys in San Diego County, California. Similar to most boarding schools, clubs and electives may change from year to year based on student body interests; however, this will give you an idea of some extracurricular options available at this top military school geared for boys in grades 7-12.  

By getting involved in clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities in high school, you will enhance your college applications, begin to determine a college major or minor, and you might find yourself even starting a business based on your talents and interests. You will also find that lessons learned in electives will come alive and will be reinforced through extracurricular participation in clubs, athletics, trips, and other activities.   

Boarding School Clubs and Activities 

Beyond your core academic college prep courses, most boarding schools offer a variety of fun and exciting clubs. For simplification, we have organized school clubs at Army and Navy Academy into these general categories: educational, fitness, games, service, and technical.   

Educational Clubs 

  • Business Club – Students often get involved in doing competitive marketing projects, stock market simulations, and discuss investment strategies. This is a must if you intend to be an entrepreneur or pursue a career in business. 
  • Sports Medicine Club – Students interested in the sciences and sports tend to really enjoy this club. A sports medicine club will help you learn about anatomy, injuries, first aid, and learn about this professional field. 
  • Reading Club – Reading is fun and relaxing, so reading clubs are a great way to read with friends, hold book discussions, and just relax.
  • Forensics Club – Clubs in forensics are hands-on, challenging, and interactive. You will make connections to professionals doing forensics and build an understanding of forensic science. 
  • Acapella Club – Enjoy the joy of song by learning about music composition, learning songs, and exploring rhythms. This is a great way to have fun and lower stress. 
  • German Culture and History Club – Learn more about historical events that shaped modern Germany and explore history, culture and travel. 
  • Japanese Club – This club will give you insights into the culture, history, traditions as well as new spiritual and historic insights. 
  • Harvard Model Congress Travel to Boston to participate in the largest congressional simulation conference in the world. HMC provides high school students from across the United States and abroad with an opportunity to experience the American government firsthand.
  • Model United Nations –  Learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. Model United Nations is an educational simulation and academic competition that teaches research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.


Fitness Clubs 

  • Pickleball Club – Play on campus tennis courts and get your game going. It is great exercise and will help you improve your level of fitness. 
  • Soccer/Futsal Club – In this popular international club, you will split up into teams and play soccer on the field or futsal.


Game Clubs

  • Clash of Clans – Get competitive while you learn how to think strategically. Build defenses, battle opponents, practice attack methods, and work in teams. 
  • Dungeons and Dragons Club – This is a student-led club with mini game lessons in this widely popular game. Additional game clubs are also offered under Fantasy Gaming Club or Game Time Club.


Service Clubs 

  • Interact Club – As part of Rotary International, joining the Interact Club will open doors to business leaders, community service projects, and even help you learn more about fundraising. If you are interested in business or entrepreneurship, this is a great pick. 
  • JROTC Club –  For students interested in JROTC, this club allows cadets to participate in and practice skills in drill, color guard, competitions, and more. You will gain self-discipline and confidence as you prepare for college, a military service academy (USNA, USMA, USCGA, USAFA, USMMA), or an ROTC university. 
  • Chalk Talk Club – Tied to core values of gratitude and compassion, this club will help  you promote kindness on campus with painted rocks, support Kindness Week, as well as complete other service learning projects.  
  • Agriculture and Gardening Club – Students typically learn about gardening, horticulture, and agricultural fundamentals in this club. In addition, you will learn about irrigation and pest control, as well as serve the campus by growing food for the campus  dining hall. 
  • Green Club – Green clubs help raise environmental awareness and may involve specific projects in recycling programs, beach clean ups and connections to environmental groups like Surfrider. If you love to surf and spend time in nature, this one’s for you. 
  • National Honor Society – This recognition program for students is based on a selective process based on scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Service projects and fundraising are part of this honor society. This one is a real plus on college and university applications. 


Technical Clubs 

  • Automobile Club – Learn about classic cars, see live demos and learn from guest speakers. This could lead to tinkering with cars, gaining a better understanding of how automobiles work and even inform your first car purchase. 
  • Cyber Security Club – Check out clubs in cyber security to see if this growing field might be of interest to you. Learn about passwords, encryption, the linux operating system, and free and open source software. This is a growing field and could become your profession of choice. 
  • Repair and Engineering Club – Learning how to repair and make things will help you develop a high level of core competencies. As you become more exposed to the various careers in engineering, your horizons will broaden. You can also enjoy spending time in the maker space on campus with your buddies as you build and repair things. 


Boarding School Athletics and Fitness 

  • Sports – Choose from over a variety of varsity sports each season and enjoy teamwork and the “brotherhood” through participation in athletics. High school sports at the Academy include: baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, lacrosse, swimming, tennis, track and field, swimming, surfing, and wrestling. 
  • Fitness – Participate in athletic workouts and fitness programs during your free time. Enjoy working out in the state-of-the-art Duffield Sports Center or do fitness programs outdoors. 
  • Spectatorship – Attend high school junior varsity and varsity games and meets to learn more about various sports. Cheer your school on, whether the team wins or loses to support your athletic teams and take them to new heights. 
  • Mentorship – Benefit from coaching and mentorship by leaning on your peers and adult coaches. You will acquire strong values, become a strong leader and team player, while becoming more resilient and self-disciplined. You will make new friends too! 


Boarding School Trips and Excursions 

  • Weekend Activities and Trips – Enjoy weekend activities and excursions to museums, theme parks, camping, fishing, boating, hiking, movies, theater, and concerts while you are attending boarding school. 
  • Trips Abroad – Consider a spring trip abroad to learn more about the history, culture, language of another country. Army and Navy Academy has taken students on trips to Spain, France, Italy, China, and the Galapagos Islands. 


Boarding School Campus Events and Relaxation

  • Marching Band Performances – Play in the high school band and become part of a marching band. Perform for big crowds at campus events and have fun at band competitions. 
  • Cultural and Multicultural Events  – Attend or showcase your talents at cultural events, drama performances, music concerts, art exhibitions, and talent shows on campus. 
  • Workshops and Presentations – Take part in workshops, school assemblies, and special presentations on campus.  
  • Recreation Hall – Hang out with friends and just relax at the recreation hall, play games, watch movies, and relax. 
  • Beach and Aquatics – Hit the waves or take a swim in the pool to enjoy the beach and aquatics. Learn how to surf and bodyboard, play beach volleyball, or just lounge. 


Boarding School Electives in High School 

By taking electives as part of your academic day, alongside joining extracurricular activities after school, you will learn new things and ignite new passions. Many of these electives compliment your extracurricular involvement and will add a new dimension to lessons learned in elective classes. 

Many of these academic electives below also provide an edge in career development or will serve you well if you become an entrepreneur one day. A number of these electives are in emerging or growing professional fields or industries, so you will gain exposure, as well as a host of new skills. Keep in mind that an elective is something you choose to study versus a required course. 

  • Art, Music, Photography, Media – Elective courses in high school will help you hone your talents in the visual and performing arts and give you creative outlets. 


  • Aviation – Imagine working towards a pilot’s license when you are in high school. An aviation club and/or program can put you on that path. Check out this boarding school of boys to learn more about their Unmanned Aerial Systems and Aviation Program


  • Computer Science – Taking computer science classes will help you work on critical computer skills you will need in college and life. You can even move into advanced placement classes to gain higher skill levels.  


  • Cyber Security – This fascinating club will open doors and get your analytical mind moving. If you prefer to check this out during the summer, check out the Academy’s leadership summer camps with cyber security as an elective. 


  • Game Development – Learning how to do game and design development in a high school elective course is both fun and creative. You will become a stronger writer and visual problem-solver.  


  • Leadership Education – Leadership and management are critical to almost everything you do in life. If you attend a military boarding school, like Army and Navy Academy, you will take Leadership Education Training (LET) classes as part of your college preparatory curriculum. You will learn life skills, including goal-setting, time management, and more. 


  • Video Production – Boarding schools typically offer robust visual and performing arts programs. This is a great opportunity to master skills in videography, including: filming, editing, voiceover, and graphic design. 


  • Yearbook – Taking yearbook class as an elective is a great way to master important skills such as: project management, time management, creative writing, photography, and graphic design. 


As you search for the right boarding school, think about the full campus life experience, including your extracurricular participation. As you can see, there are many ways to enhance your life away from home through student government, clubs, trips, weekend activities, and athletics. In addition, take electives that will interest you and reinforce some of your extracurricular interests. 


For more information about Army and Navy Academy, please contact the admission office.