Enrolling in high school entrepreneurship courses and related business programs help students determine entrepreneurial areas of interest and possible career paths. As a student, you will not only learn about possible entrepreneurial directions, but will acquire real-world skills and a growth mindset that can be applied in any profession or field of business. 

Academic high school lessons involving entrepreneurship are a great way to introduce and motivate students to learn more about emerging fields and industries while being immersed in interactive hands-on projects. 

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Entrepreneur Courses at Boarding School

Students learn soft skills including: leadership, communication, time management, teamwork, adaptability, persuasion, assertiveness, emotional intelligence, mentorship, conflict resolution, and decision-making.  Sometimes projects will involve working on actual student-driven projects or ideas and/or in partnership with business, corporations, universities, or nonprofit organizations. 

There are a number of ways that the business-related courses, programs, and clubs at boarding schools tie in with skills in entrepreneurship. Believe me, they do not need to be specifically under the heading of “entrepreneurship.” For instance, if you attend a private boarding school where there is a focus on leadership training, STEAM courses, and business-related clubs, these opportunities will stimulate and tie in with your development as an entrepreneur.

Here are some boarding schools to consider as you explore schools where you can acquire entrepreneurial skills and acquire a growth mindset. 

Entrepreneurship Courses for High School Students 

  • Dunn School, Ojai, California – The Dunn School created an Entrepreneur Program by the name of Earwig Incorporated. Students test their business ideas using the Lean Launchpad method of entrepreneurship. This has ushered in some very unique student projects and produced graduates pursuing successful careers in business. 


  • Kent School,  Kent, Connecticut -This east coast boarding school offers classes in areas such as: “Global Finance, Marketing for an Inclusive World, and Equity and Opportunity in Entrepreneurship.” They integrate various experiences into their program including: stock market games, incubator sessions, and nonprofit projects. 


  • Northfield Mount Hermon, Gill, Massachusetts,Northwood’s Entrepreneurial Studies course provides students with the knowledge and experiences to transform a passion project into a successful business. In addition to gaining a better understanding of economic theory, Entrepreneurial Studies students learn the common traits of successful enterprises from small businesses to multinational corporations.”


  • Army and Navy Academy, San Diego County, California – A member of the Western Boarding School Association (WBSA), this college prep boarding school is geared specifically to motivate and engage boys in grades 7-12. They offer classes in economics and leadership training, as well as a host of elective classes including: aviation, computer science, cyber security, game development, and video production.  


On campus, students have access to a maker space, aviation simulators, drones, smart boards, and a student enrichment center for leadership training. In addition to courses, they offer a variety of clubs tied to business and entrepreneurship including: agriculture and gardening club, business club, sports medicine club, forensics club, environment/green club, Interact (Rotary International) service club, and a repair and engineering club. 

Electives in High School 

Now that we have explored some of the boarding schools with entrepreneurship and business programs, let’s take a look at how some electives tie in with entrepreneurial interests. Any of these electives in high school could stimulate actual business ideas, motivate students to explore new interests, and help them develop skill sets in these growing fields.  

  • Art, Music, Photography, Media – If you have your heart set on being a professional designer, artist, musician, or photographer, your mastery of entrepreneurial skills in marketing, negotiation, contracts, and finances will be crucial. Elective courses in high school will help you hone your craft and set you on the path.


  • Aviation – If your boarding school offers an aviation program, think in terms of starting a private pilot company or maybe even a commercial airline someday. For example, private pilots can have exciting careers flying private jets or planes for executives, entertainment professionals and government officials. To jumpstart a business in aeronautics, you will need both strong aeronautical and business skills. Get your pilot’s license in high school and aim high.  


  • Computer Science – Some students are just naturally inclined in various areas of technology. The field is wide open to new innovations in computer science so take advantage of electives that might stimulate business ideas when you are in high school. Who knows, you might be the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates! 


  • Cyber Security – A wide open field, perhaps you would like to launch your own company in this growing industry. Some boarding schools even offer leadership summer camps with cyber security as an elective. 


  • Engineering – If you possess an engineering mind, this could open up doors in the world of robotics or various aspects of engineering. As manufacturing and the delivery of products and services continue to shift, there are great opportunities for innovation. 


  • Game Development – If your private school offers game development as an elective course, it could put you on a path to starting a business in game design and development. Design and strong writing skills are integral to this growing field. 


  • Leadership Education – If you are fortunate enough to attend a military boarding school, Leadership Education Training Program (LET) is an integral part of the curriculum. You will put leadership into action both inside and outside the classroom as well as learn how to lead and motivate others. This early training in high school will pay dividends when you launch a business. 


  • Video Production – Many boarding schools offer robust visual and performing arts programs. This is a great opportunity to master skills in videography, including: filming, editing, voiceover, and graphic design. Start your own video company or use these skills in marketing a business. 


  • Yearbook – Almost every boarding school offers yearbook class as an elective, so this is an excellent way to work on entrepreneurial skills such as: project management, creative writing, photography, and graphic design. These skills are also essential to marketing any business. 


In reviewing some of the ways you can use high school electives to pursue entrepreneurial interests, hopefully you can now hopefully appreciate their relevance. Mastering skills in high school related to real-world skills in business will have a future impact, not only on individual success, but on our communities and nation at large. Taking elective courses will help you hone your skills, but also acquire the right growth mindset. 

So, in short, you may be asking “why entrepreneurship is important for students in high school?” Think about the jumpstart it will provide in acquiring life skills in areas such as: leadership, management, communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, time management, project management, and financial literacy. You will exercise both creative and analytical thinking processes that will serve you well in college, future professions, or as entrepreneurs.  

As you explore the world of boarding schools, contact the office of admission at boarding schools of interest to learn more about what they have to offer you. Once enrolled, participate in related business and entrepreneurship courses, classes, clubs and programs to pursue your passions and interests.