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Army and Navy Academy’s campus is open for in-person learning with safe COVID-19 restrictions in place. For your convenience and safety, most application steps can be completed online. Also, please note the Academy offers Mid-Year and Full Academic Year Enrollment. In addition, we offer boarding and day options geared exclusively for boys, grades 7-12 as well as coed summer leadership camps. Schedule a virtual conference using the form below or contact us for more details! 



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Darrin Knox

Darrin Knox
Director of Admission

Victor Traycey

Victor Traycey
Associate Director of Admission, International

Jon Rae

Jon Rae
Admission Counselor

Admission FAQ

Where do international students come from?

Similar to other boarding schools, students come from all over the United States and from around the world. International students come from every continent (except Antartica!). Countries include: Canada, Mexico, China, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Rwanda, and more.

Where do U.S. students come from?

The Academy is home to domestic students living in the U.S., including: California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Illinois, Indianna, Kansas, Virginia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Are military academies for enlistment or college prep?

Most military schools and military academies for secondary education prepare students for college and university admission.

Army & Navy Academy has an exceptional track record and is one of the most academically rigorous military academies in the U.S. 

By following the University of California entrance requirements, students are assured they are taking the right college prep and AP/Honors classes to matriculate to a college or university of their choice. 

While many graduates choose University of California campuses, others choose to attend public or private colleges and universities across the United States. Some popular and top ranked U.C. choices include: UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, UCI, UC Davis, and UC Berkeley. 

Prestigious universities also include Ivy League, public/private universities, top liberal arts colleges, and the United States service academies. The list includes: Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Rutgers, Georgetown, NYU, USC, and Boston College. The service academies include: USMA-West Point, USNA-Annapolis, USAFA, USCGA, USMMA. 

Under Academics, check our college matriculation lists. 



What kinds of campus amenities are available?

The campus is very similar to a college setting. It includes the following student facilities:  

-Student Enrichment Center

-Fully Equipped Classrooms and Labs 

-Counseling Center  

-Health Center 



-Recreation Hall 

-Athletic Facilities 

-Swimming Pool 

-Tennis Courts 

-Beach Access 

-Access to local country clubs for golf 


Where are you located?

Located in Carlsbad, California, the campus is set on 16 acres in a prime beach location within walking distance to the village center. Carlsbad is in north coastal San Diego county and offers easy access to transit, airports, shopping, restaurants, hotels, and more. 

When was your school founded?

Army & Navy Academy has a rich history and was founded in 1910. For over a century, the Academy has been transforming boys’ lives through preparation for college and careers in diverse professions.

Notable alumni have made significant contributions in fields, including: business, management, science, technology, engineering, medicine, law, the arts, government, and the military. 

Where do graduates attend college or university?

Army & Navy Academy has a proud history of graduates attending top universiites and colleges in the United States and abroad. Universities include: Stanford, Georgetown, Columbia, Cornell, MIT, Johns Hopkins, NYU, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCLA, UCI, UCSD, UCSB and many more. Check our matriculation under Academics. 

What is the daily schedule like on campus?

The structured daily schedule includes: college preparatory academic classes, specialized electives, tutorial period for academic support, sports, rest and relaxation time, mandatory study time, meals, and dorm meetings.

Students participate in clubs, activities, and trips during their free time and there are also planned activities on the weekends.

Students enjoy Carlsbad Village, the beach, sports, games in the recreation hall, and special trips. Trips and excursions include: museums, theme parks, hiking, boating, fishing, spring trip abroad, and U.S. trips for college tours, Harvard Model Congress, and Model United Nations. 

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The Admission Office offers video conferences to provide an overview, guide you through the application process, and address your questions. Please submit your information below to reserve a date and time.