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With 112 years of academic excellence, military tradition and leadership development, the history of Army and Navy Academy runs deep and is multi-faceted. However, the history is incomplete without acknowledging the philanthropy that was, and is, interwoven to make ANA the place for boys to be bold.

Beginning in 1950, when Academy benefactors Arthur and Gertrude Anderson gifted Army and Navy Academy the prime beachfront property where the school still resides, the Academy relies on the generosity of the entire ANA community to ensure the continuous education of tomorrow’s leaders.

Throughout the years, cadets have benefited from the gifts given to further them and their journey at ANA. Gifts to the academy have supported, and continue to support, financial assistance to cadets whose families otherwise would not be able to afford an ANA education, the construction and upcoming renovation of the campus facilities, a robust and rewarding athletics program, and recruiting and retaining highly skilled faculty, staff, and former military personnel.

Simply put, tuition alone does not cover the full cost of running an elite military boarding school. When our community comes together to support the Academy, cadets benefit. As Army and Navy Academy looks forward to what the next 112 years of helping students dream big looks like, we know with certainty that it will continue to include the generous support of you, our ANA community.

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