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Whether your family is new to the boarding school experience or just to Army and Navy Academy, we know that enrolling at a new school comes with questions and challenges. All of us here at Army and Navy Academy are excited to have you as a member of this one-of-a-kind school community. On this page, you can find important dates, survival guides, and resources to help your first days as an ANA patron go smoothly!


May 20th, 2022 Last day to submit contract and tuition deposit to qualify for early decision discount
August 3rd, 2022 Move-in day for new cadets in football or cross country
August 11th, 2022 Move-in day for new cadets who are not in sports
August 17th, 2022 1st day of classes
September 9th, 2022 Move-in day for late arrivals
September 16th-18th, 2022 First Closed Weekend: Back to School Weekend
Enrollment Contracts and Deposits

In order for your cadet to be considered as enrolled at Army and Navy Academy, you must:

  • complete your enrollment contract
  • sign up for an account with FACTS, our billing management solution, HERE
  • provide a tuition deposit and incidental deposit via your FACTS account

For assistance with your enrollment contract, please contact your admission counselor or contact the Office of Admission by phone at  888.762.2338 or by email at For help with FACTS, please contact the Finance Office by calling 760.547.5265 or by email at


Army and Navy Academy has three primary high school sports for the fall season: Football (Varsity and Junior Varsity), Cross Country (Varsity and Junior Varsity), and Water Polo (Junior Varsity only). Cadets wanting to play football or cross country must report to campus on August 3rd, 2022 for registration. They will remain on campus for athletic training until the start of the school year. Please contact the Athletics Office at 760.547.5259 or email Nehemiah Brunson, the Director of Athletics, at with questions or concerns.

Army and Navy Academy Patrons Association (ANAPA)

Every Army and Navy Academy patron is automatically a member of the Patrons Association, commonly referred to as ANAPA. We encourage all parents to remain involved in their cadet’s life here at the Academy through the many events that ANAPA hosts throughout the year. The Association strives to provide key insights to the parent community and support the Cadets and the administration for various Academy funds and events.

All parents with a Facebook account are encouraged to join the ANAPA Facebook Group.

Where to Stay

Local hotels offer discounted rates to Army and Navy Academy families. Check out the list of hotels that offer discounts to Army and Navy Academy families on our Where to Stay page.

Cadet Packing List

On your designated move-in day, your cadet will receive an initial issue of uniform items and other essentials to get them settled for their first few days at the Academy. He will change into uniform PT (physical training) gear upon receiving his room assignment. Once your cadet has access to his room, civilian attire is no longer authorized for wear on campus. We recommend that parents take all civilian clothing home at that time. Your cadet will receive a second full uniform issue at a later date that includes all required clothing and books.

Please ensure that your cadet arrives with the following items:

Item Quantity
Bath towels (white, marked with name and cadet ID #) 3-4
Underwear (color and style your preference) 9
White crew neck t-shirts 6
Swimming trunks 2
Bathrobe 1
Shower shoes (flip-flop style) 1
White plastic clothes hangers 20
Water bottle (reusable, marked with name and cadet ID #) 1
Extra blanket (twin size, evenings are chilly Nov-Feb) 1
USB Flash Drive 2
Alarm Clock 1
Wrist Watch (inexpensive) 1
Non-aerosol sunscreen 1
Bug repellent 1
School supplies (pens, pencils, binders, notebooks) Optional
Toiletry items (soap, shampoo, deodorant, oral hygiene items)

Your cadet will receive an issue of bed sheets and a pillow upon arrival and these do not need to be packed.

Prohibited Items: electric blankets, weapons of any kind, skateboards, expensive jewelry, small kitchen appliances including hot pots, dietary supplements (protein powder, creatine, preworkout, etc.)

Army and Navy Academy does not carry insurance on the property of cadets and accepts no liability for lost, damaged, or stolen personal property.

Chromebook Issue

Cadets will be issued a Chromebook during uniform issue. These Chromebooks have been pre-provisioned by the Information Technology department with a suite of monitoring and educational tools. Teachers will typically only allow Academy-issued Chromebooks for use in classes, and the Academy requires each cadet to own an issued Chromebook irrespective of whether they have any pre-existing digital devices.

In cases where a Chromebook incurs minor damage, the IT department may be able to repair or replace the device at no additional cost to parents. When a Chromebook has been deemed a total loss, either through destruction or loss, your cadet will be required to purchase a new Academy-issued Chromebook from the Bookstore.