Maffucci Giving Club

Coach John Maffucci served the Army and Navy Academy community for over 59 years. He has cared and supported all the Cadets that have come through the Academy, but especially his players. Throughout his career at the Academy, Maffucci served as the Athletic Director for 43 years and as the head coach for multiple sports. During the course of his coaching time he has achieved 750 wins as a coach, 24 league titles, 4 section championships, named the Boys Basketball State Division V Coach of the Year by Cal-Hi Sports and has been instrumental in the success of the Academy’s growing athletic program.

Maffucci has been instrumental in the success of the Academy’s athletic and annual fundraising efforts, including his support and involvement in the Academy’s $10 million athletic facility, Duffield Sports Center.

What is the John Maffucci Giving Club?

The John Maffucci Giving Club is dedicated to honoring the lasting legacy that Coach Maffucci has built during his 59 years at the Army and Navy Academy. Membership starts at just $59 per year and is an annual contribution. The Maffucci Giving Club has sets its sights on an initial membership milestone of 59 members to commemorate Coach Maffucci’s 59 Years at the Academy. All MCG Members will receive an exclusive MCG Member Lapel Pin.

What are the benefits of joining the John Maffucci Giving Club?

Not only are you giving back and supporting the future of the Academy you are also honoring the legacy that Coach John Maffucci has made over his 59 years serving the Academy. All Maffucci Giving Club members receive a lapel pin to commemorate and honor their giving year as well as additional gifts of appreciation based on your membership level. Donor also receive periodic email updates with exclusive member benefit offers and invitations to special campus events.

Donation Levels

Legend – $10,059
Maffucci Basketball or Football Jersey Signed and Framed

Champion – $5,059
Maffucci Basketball or Football Jersey

All-American – $2,059
Name on the John Maffucci Bronze Statue**

Athletic Director – $1,059
Maffucci Bobble Head

Coach – $559
Giving Club Sweater

MVP – $159
Giving Club Hat

Rookie – $59
Giving Club Lapel Pin

ANA Maffucci Giving Club

*Please note that all donors will receive all the gifts in the levels below your chosen membership level.

**The John Maffucci Bronze Statue will be completed once all 25 Donors have contributed to this level.

Thank you for your generous support of Army and Navy Academy through your investment in the John Maffucci Giving Club.  Your philanthropic support of the Maffucci Giving Club plays a pivotal role in our ability to provide much needed funds for our Cadets for their life here on campus.