ana back to school weekend


September 16-18, 2022

We welcome Army and Navy Academy families to campus to visit their cadets and to get to know teachers, TACs, and other staff during this fun and action-packed weekend. See the event details below and don’t forget to register! 


Check in at the Welcome Table, join us for the Tailgate BBQ, watch the Warriors in action during a football game, and spend time with your cadet. 

Local Liberty

Cadets may check out with parents if not assigned to MASH (mandatory study hall).

Time and Location: 1:00-4:00 pm. Cadets must return before 4:30 pm. 

Welcome Table

Please check in at the Welcome Table.

The Welcome Table will provide your cadet’s schedule for the Classroom Orientation. 

Time and Location: Friday, 4:30, Front of Academics 

Tailgate BBQ

Enjoy a delicious dinner before the football game! Families and cadets are all welcome. 

Time and Location: Friday, Miller Lawn, 5:00pm

Friday Night Football

Come watch our Warriors play football!

Time and Location: Friday, 7:00pm, Maffucci Field

Cadet Check-Out with Families

Cadets may check-out with parents/guardians only after the game if they are leaving campus. See Operations for check-out. 

Time and Location: Friday, 9:00pm, Operations 


On Saturday, catch the Morning Colors, meet faculty during the Classroom Orientation, and attend meetings. Join us for the Commissioning Ceremony. If you are a new family, you will also be able to see your cadet recognized in the New Cadet Recognition Ceremony. 

Morning Colors

Families are invited to watch a daily cadet ceremony where they honor our American Flag.

Time and Location: Saturday, 8:00am, Front of Davis Hall

Parents Classroom Orientation

Parents will have the opportunity to follow their cadet’s classroom schedule and visit with each of their teachers. 

Be sure to visit the Welcome Table for your cadet’s schedule. 

Time and Location: Saturday, 8:30am – 11:15am, Welcome Table in Front of Academics 

Spring Break Meeting

Any families interested in learning about the Spring Break trip won’t want to miss this meeting! 

 Time and Location: 11:15am, Library

Local Liberty

Cadets are allowed to go off campus during Local Liberty. 

Time and Location: Saturday, 12:00-4:00pm, Operations 

College Counseling Meeting for Senior Parents

Hear from your Senior’s Counselors regarding the College Counseling process. 

Time and Location: Saturday, 12:15pm, Library 


Commissioning Ceremony & New Cadet Recognition Ceremony

Our senior cadets will receive their Commission during their Commissioning Ceremony and our new cadets will transition from plebes to cadets.

Time and Location: Saturday, 5pm, Duffield Sports Center (across the street).


Beach Bash

Don’t miss this fun event! Enjoy a nice meal and meet other families down at our beachfront. 

Time and Location: Saturday, 6:00pm-8:30pm, Beachfront. 


Military band performs at boarding school JROTC military review

Enjoy breakfast with your cadet, meet other parents during the ANAPA meeting, watch the Military Review and Sword Ceremony, join us for lunch, and take your cadet off-campus during Local Liberty. See all details below and in your Welcome Packet. 

Pancake Breakfast

Cadets and families will start their Sunday morning in the Mess Hall for our chef’s famous pancake breakfast!

Time and Location: Sunday, 8:15am to 9:45am, Dining Hall 

ANAPA Meeting

Whether you’re interested in getting involved with ANAPA, or simply want to learn more about how ANAPA supports your cadet on campus, come get your questions answered about the ANAPA (Patrons’ Association) meeting.

Time and Location: Sunday, 9:00am, Davis Hall 

Military Review and Sword Ceremony

Not to be missed! Watch the marching band, sword ceremony, and our full military review (parade). 

Time and Location: Sunday, 11:15am, Maffucci Field (across the street)

Lunch and Local Liberty

Lunch: II Mess is open for cadets and families to enjoy a meal together.

Time and Location: Sunday, 12:15pm (lunch), Dining Hall 



Local Liberty

Cadets may leave with families during Local Liberty from 1pm-8pm. 

Cadets without parents/guardians must return by 5pm.

Time and Location: Sunday, 1:00pm, Checkout with Operations