Frequently Asked Questions

School Profile and Financing

What is your average class size?

Depending on the subject, classes can be anywhere from 5-18, with the average class size of 15. A small student body provides lots of chances to stand out and make close friends. The majority of students are in grades 9-12, with a small middle school for grades 7-8.

Are you primarily a boarding or day school?

Approximately 80% are boarding 20% are local day students. Both options work well, so let’s discuss the right fit when you visit.  

How diverse are your students?

Students hail from states across the U.S. and from diverse countries. Our domestic and international diversity allows students to get to know others and expand their horizons. We offer a number of multicultural activities, trips, and lessons to create global awareness.

How does boarding school prepare students for college?

According to The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), 87% of boarding school students report being very well prepared for college academically and 78% say they were very well prepared socially, compared to 39% of public school students in both categories.

Read more about the particular advantages afforded by boarding schools…

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes, there are many options to explore with us. If you are a student, ask your parents to call us for more information. The Financial Assistance website page provides an overview of various programs and we can discuss all options fully by phone or during your visit.

Communication and Visiting

How can I contact my son after school?

The Operations Office is the main hub when attempting to contact your cadet. Operations can be reached 24 hours a day at 760.547.5228.

What's the procedure for absences and picking up my son from campus?

Fax or email a copy of the Cadet Absence Form to the Operations Office at least 48 hours in advance.  This will allow us time to excuse the absence and make any necessary arrangements.  Please contact us by email if you need the form.

FAX: (760)729.2852


Whom should I call to see how my son is adapting to the Academy, or in case of an emergency?

Questions: Trainer, Advisor, Counselor (TAC) Officers are responsible for afternoon and evening time outside of the classroom. Your son’s TAC Officer is the first point of contact for all parents who may have a question about their cadet’s living situation, discipline record, emergencies, or other campus life issues.

Our TAC Officers are on duty from 2:00 – 11:30pm (PT) Mon. – Thurs, with more variable hours on the weekends. TACs can be reached by telephone; however, e-mail is preferred for routine matters.

Emergency: In the event of an emergency when your son’s Company TAC is NOT on duty, please contact the Operations Office at – 760.547.5228

Do any local hotels offer discounts to ANA families?

Yes, several local hotels in and around Carlsbad offer discounts to ANA families who are visiting the campus. Please contact hotels for the most updated information. 

What are the transportation options for getting to and from the ANA campus?

There are numerous public transportation options for getting to and from the Army and Navy Academy campus.

The Carlsbad Village transit station is just a short walk (500 meters) away, offering access throughout much of San Diego.

There are also several options for transportation to various airports in the Southern California region. 

How do you communicate to families if there's an emergency?

In the event of emergency such as local fires, earthquakes, etc., we use School Messenger to send text alerts, as well as call your phone.

How does my son get mail?

Cadet mail is distributed to the TAC daily and then delivered to the Cadets each evening.

Letter Mail:
Cadet Name (Company ___)
Army and Navy Academy
PO Box 3000
Carlsbad, CA 92018-3000


Packages and Larger Mail:
Cadet’s Name (Company ___)
Army and Navy Academy
2605 Carlsbad Blvd.
Carlsbad, CA 92008

The Operations Office will ensure that Cadets receive these larger packages.

Weekends and Extracurricular

What do cadets do on the weekends?

Students are afforded a wide range of exciting weekend activities.
Many take advantage of our direct access to the beach for surfing and hanging out with their friends.

Carlsbad Village is a laid-back beach town, with several activities, shopping, and restaurants within easy walking distance of the campus.

Throughout the school year, students can sign up for various supervised trips. Locally, typical outings include: hiking; boating and kayaking; laser tag; flying drones; rock-climbing; Cinepolis Luxury Theaters; and more.

We also regularly offers exciting excursions to larger events and activities, such as: Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Balboa Park, Miramar Air Show, Snow Trips, the USS Midway, and more.

Am I allowed to come on campus to take my son to dinner?

Absolutely! Please just give us advance notice and make sure your son is expecting you. When you arrive, check in at the Operations Office so we can page your son. For accountability purposes, he will need to sign out with his TAC.

Can my son go home with another cadet for the weekend?

Yes. Please send an e-mail to your TAC to give permission for your son to spend the weekend with another family. If you have any concerns, give your TAC a call – he knows the Cadets and families, and can answer any questions you may have.

What kinds of clubs do you offer?

We offer a variety of clubs ranging from aviation, community service, business, art, writing, games, chess, forensics, green initiatives, specialized clubs for Model UN, Harvard Model Congress, Honor Council, and much more.

International Students

How do international students apply for admission?

The first step is to complete an Online Application (no fee applies).

A Skype interview is required for all international applicants — call +1 (760) 547.5285 OR email Victor for questions.

After submitting the online application, you will be emailed detailed instructions for the additional required documentation, and how to schedule the Skype interview.

What about weekends and over holiday periods?

During weekends, cadets enjoy a variety of activities, such as: surfing and beach activities; hiking; theme parks & museums; sports; shopping and movies; games;and our the new aviation course.

Other activities include the Model UN, Harvard Model Congress, Band, Athletic events, and a spring break trip every year (East Coast College Tours and Trips Abroad vary).

For all major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break), ALL cadets must go home or stay with their local contact.

What ESOL do you offer?

New international cadets participate in a 3-week ESOL Accelerator course in early August, geared to help them improve their English proficiency skills, as well as acclimate to our campus environment prior to the first day of classes.

All new international cadets are also required to participate in a full-year ESOL Class course during the school year, encompassing two semesters.

Students with an advanced command of the English language as evidenced by their TOEFL score and Skype interview will be exempt from this requirement.

We encourage all second-year cadets to select one of our ESOL elective classes to further their writing, grammar, comprehension, and college-preparatory skills.

What are required TOEFL scores, GPA, and other Admission Criteria?

We are seeking international students with a very high commitment to attend ANA, strong academic records (3.0+ GPA preferred), and an appetite for leadership, sports, clubs, and character development.

First Priority is given to high school applicants who score in the TOEFL iBT range of 52-60 points, or SSAT range of 1800-2000 points. For middle school students (entering grades 7th and 8th), we prefer a TOEFL Junior score of 725-750+, with some flexibility.

If an applicant does not meet the intermediate standard, we will recommend enrolling in an English Immersion Program prior to application. Please contact us to discuss.

A Skype interview is required for all applicants.

Tel. +1 760.547-5285 OR email Victor for questions.

Housing and Attendance

What are the dorms (barracks) like?

Dorms range from cozy little cottages to long row housing units with many students to hang out with like family. 

Dorms vary in size and location throughout the campus, and are occupied by 2-3 students depending on room size.

How are barracks assigned?
Room assignments are determined by a review done by Academy Staff. If your son would like to make a change in his room assignment, he should speak with his TAC.
What is Move-in Date policy?

Cadets must arrive ON their assigned registration/move-in date (not before or after) to avoid loss of academic credit. If that requirement is not met, their enrollment space could be given to another student and a $1,000 late fee will be assessed. This also pertains to attendance throughout the year, including before and after holidays.

How do I report an absence?

Please report absences by completing the Cadet Absence Form and submit it to our Operations Office – it is critical to safety, security, and accountability.

If you have any questions, please contact Operations at 760.547.5227.

How do I check-out my son when I pick him up after school for weekends or holidays?

Parents can meet their son at the Operations office, located at the Library gate on Cypress Avenue.

Cadets are required to receive approval from their TAC officer or other Cadet Life Staff prior to departure.

Parents, family members, or friends must be on the cadet’s contact list provided by a parent or guardian.

Additional FAQs

What is campus security like?

Our campus is equipped with automated gates, a camera surveillance system, and a fire/smoke detection system.

We are staffed 24/7 with personnel who provide more than just campus security. They interact daily with the students and are an integral part of the environment.

Fire, lock down, and other drills are performed to help educate the cadets and staff on proper procedures in case of emergency.

What is the typical daily menu at ANA?

Health and nutrition is an important aspect to the well-being of your cadets at the Army and Navy Academy. While we cannot replace your family’s cooking, we want to make cadets happy every day and offer a variety of healthy, fresh foods that help them focus in the classroom, play well in sports, and sleep well at night. For more info, see the Daily Bulletin and Dining Hall Menu under “My ANA”. 

How do I pay for medications and other expenses?

We offer online management of two separate payment accounts for students:

1)  Health Student account — for medical, dental, and pharmacy co-pays, medical or dental transportation fees, and other health care expense

    Questions about Health Services? Email us or call 760.547.5213

    2)  Incidental Student account — for bookstore expenses, personal discretionary purchases, and other incidentals. 

      Questions about your Incidental account? Email us or call the Financial Services dept. at 760.547.5266

      Do you take students to doctors and dentists?

      Yes, we take care of all needs to and from doctors, dentists, and in emergencies for boarding students. Feel free to contact the Health Center for specific questions and fees that may apply.

      Parents of day students are required to make arrangements for medical and dental appointments.