Academy by the Sea - Summer Camp If you’re thinking about the benefits of sending your teen to summer camp, think about the unique outcomes your teenager can gain from going to one of the best summer camps in San Diego County, California.

Unique to Academy by the Sea, is the rare opportunity to receive stellar West-Point style leadership training from highly trained staff on a military boarding school campus.

Middle schoolers and high schoolers also benefit from dynamic summer programs including robust beach and recreational options and academic-oriented learning experiences (e.g. aviation, drone-piloting, and aquaculture).

This residential summer camp for teens provides our youth with a chance to prepare for college by living in dorms, where they make new friends, develop good life habits, learn how to make good choices, and follow a structured daily schedule.

Leadership, Recreational and Academic Options

During this two-week summer camp, there are several options to take a deep dive into areas of personal interest including leadership training, recreational activities, and academic learning experiences.

  • Leadership – Academy by the Sea in Carlsbad, isn’t just another summer leadership camp. Founded over two decades ago by Army & Navy Academy, participants learn the foundations of leadership in a hands-on program based on a unique curriculum combining Junior ROTC fundamentals with influences from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

“Jump right in. Don’t resist too long or at all. Get involved, ask questions, seek help and don’t stay idle too long. Stay physically, mentally and spiritually positive and strong.”- Private School Review from ANA Alumnus

  • Character – Over two weeks, summer campers will have fun as they learn how to become self-disciplined and resilient leaders building responsibility, independence, and confidence. They will develop positive relationships in an environment that promotes community and learn to avoid and resolve conflicts while demonstrating respect for others, raising self-esteem, and striving for the realization of their potential.
  • Academic Options – Subjects like aviation, drone piloting, and aquaculture round out the summer program and offer summer campers lots of options to learn and expand their interests. Outside of leadership courses, campers can explore a variety of subjects taught by top instructors who teach during the academic year at this internationally renowned military boarding school. Campers get to experience the very best of the Army & Navy Academy’s aviation, aquaculture, and athletics programs, as well as build fun projects at the innovation center. The innovation center is full of flight simulators, 3D printers, screen printers, and other exciting makerspace equipment.
  • Recreational Summer Camps in San Diego are ideal for summer camp experiences because of the great location and weather. Army & Navy Academy’s – Academy by the Sea Summer Program is ranked as one of the best summer boarding programs by Boarding School Review. They have an exciting schedule of trips and activities, including visits to local museums, obstacle, ropes, and paintball courses, beach outings, movie nights, a talent show, and other guided activities.
  • Location – Ideally situated on an oceanfront Army & Navy Academy boarding school campus in the quaint village of Carlsbad (San Diego County), there is easy access to transportation (SAN, SNA, LAX, Amtrak Metrolink). Stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, waking up to waves, being able to surf and watch Southern California sunsets make this military academy summer camp quite different and unique.

Ocean, Surfing, California, small hip and upscale surf town with some of the most fantastic scenery on earth! – Private School Review from ANA Alumnus 

  • Facilities – Services and facilities include dorms, classrooms, a health center, a transportation department, an innovation center, a beachfront recreation hall, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and state-of-the-art athletic facilities.

“According to a study conducted by The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), 78% of boarding students reported being motivated by their peers, a number significantly higher than the 49% of public school students. When you live and learn together in a community, you motivate and grow together, too.” – Hotchkiss 

Skill Building and Self-Discovery

Academy by the Sea emphasizes skill development through a rich balance of mental, social, and physical experiences.

  • Leadership Skills – Summer campers benefit from various leadership activities that develop skills in taking the lead and team-building.. Attending a West Point-style leadership military camp offers a distinct advantage because teens develop real-world leadership skills.
  • Social Skills – Living in boarding school dorms on this campus allows teens to communicate, resolve conflicts, and make lifelong friends. Meeting campers from all over the U.S. and even some study-abroad campers from other countries cultivate new perspectives.
  • Sports and Physical Fitness Skills – Daily access to the beach and the full athletic facilities (Duffield Sports Center, Maffucci Field, swimming pool, tennis courts) on campus get teens moving. They improve fitness through sports, beachfront activities, fresh air and exercise. Eating three nutritious meals per day also helps teens establish good eating habits following a regular schedule.
  • Decision-Making Skills – Making choices in terms of interests in the activity choices, electives, meals, and more are all part of living away from home at the Academy by the Sea summer programs. Campers naturally become more independent and responsible.

Promoting Growth and Development 

Summer campers frequently report higher self-esteem, and a stronger sense of motivation, independence, self-discipline, and resilience as a direct outcome of attending Academy by the Sea’s summer program.

  • Self-Esteem and Confidence – By living away from home and facing new daily challenges, summer campers gain more confidence and improve self-esteem through social, mental, and physical activities.
  • Resilience and Independence – Summer campers become more resilient and independent as they solve problems independently, as well as in collaboration with their peers and adult mentors.
  • Self-Discipline and Perseverance – Summer campers participate in various activities that require taking personal responsibility and exercising self-discipline, tenacity, grit, and perseverance.
  • Character Development – Establishing and reinforcing values is integral to summer programs at Academy by the Sea. The Academy emphasizes respect for oneself and others, as well as following an honor code. This includes values such as integrity, compassion and gratitude.

Types of Summer Camps 

Summer Camp Type: Academy by the Sea (ABTS) is an exclusive co-educational summer camp experience for bold, brilliant young people entering grades 7-12. This is considered a boarding school summer program but also known as a sleepover camp or overnight camp. Although some might consider this a military camp, it is not located on a military base or at a military service academy.

Campers: Campers hail from states across the U.S. including California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and as far as New York. We also welcome campers who wish to have a short study abroad experience. International campers come from around the world, including China, Vietnam, Mexico, and Germany. The campus is focused on providing a safe and diverse experience.

Focus: Summer campers will learn the fundamentals of leadership while exploring an array of subjects like aviation, drone piloting, and aquaculture.

Sessions: Two-week residential and day (local campers) are available. See the website for specific dates and contact the Academy with any questions.

  • Summer Camps for Middle Schoolers – Academy by the Sea is geared specifically for middle school campers, 11-13 year-old teens (entering grades 7-8). At this stage, teens are ready to venture out and face age-appropriate challenges and fun activities. Leadership training during these formative years can help establish strong habits and self-esteem.
  • Summer Camps for High Schoolers – Academy by the Sea accelerates learning and offers rigorous challenges designed for the high school level, 14-17 year olds (entering grades 9-12). High school summer campers report they benefit from the wide range of activities and strong leadership training. It helps them stand out on college applications and provides valuable life skills to prepare for college and life.

Apply for Summer or Fall? To find out what has made the Academy by the Sea Summer Programs one of Southern California’s premiere summer camp destinations for decades, contact us.

Academy by the Sea is owned and operated by Army & Navy Academy, a private college prep day and boarding school for boys, grades 7-12. Army & Navy Academy (“ANA) reserves some fall spaces for summer campers who are interested in applying for the academic school year. Contact the admission office to schedule a tour, learn how to apply, ask questions about financial assistance programs and more. For summer camps/programs, please note that we are unable to offer financial aid.