STEM Curriculum at Army and Navy AcademyThe Math Department has some exciting new initiatives beginning this month. Read more below:


In America today, a knowledge of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) has become as important as the three R’s. The objective of the hands-on “STEM Lab” at ANA is to teach Cadets how to write programs to control real-world devices. Students will use SCIO to learn how to program light and color, how to use gestures to trigger events like playing music or sending text messages, and how to process real-time data from sensors using knowledge of selected scientific principles and mathematics. At the conclusion of this lab, students will have a working knowledge of computer architecture and computer programming.

H&R Block Budget Challenge

Cadets in Ms. Martin’s Advanced Math Topics class are competing in the H&R Block Budget Challenge, competing against schools throughout the country. Cadets will learn about budgeting, paying bills, credit, and more through interactive lessons and simulation in the classroom. They are competing for $3 million in college scholarships and classroom grants!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the Academic Department as we continue to develop the new STEM Innovation Hub.