The Warrior Experience Character Education at ANA

One of the things that sets Army and Navy Academy apart from other schools is our commitment to leadership education. An integral quality of a good leader is strong moral character.

Here, members of our school community weigh in on how ANA has shaped our Cadets’ character development.

Cadet Yaoshun Yu: Alpha Company, Class of 2015

The Academy has helped me build discipline and responsibility. I have learned these skills through the Leadership Education and Training program (LET) and the TAC Officers on campus. Before, I came to the Academy, I was had trouble carrying out tasks on my own. Fortunately, through the help of my mentors, I can manage my time more effectively to get what I need to do done.

Mr. Ethan Segovia: Dean of Academics

Over the last few years, I’ve seen Cadets working harder to develop their character than ever before, especially in terms of leadership. They learn a lot about how to form their character from their TAC Officers, character development sessions, and from the teachers. The better our Cadets’ character, the better the school runs, and this year we’ve have had really a positive turnout. The staff can only do so much to develop the Cadets’, but they are well on their way to being good and motivated young men.

Cadet Tristan Fleming: Echo Company, Class of 2017

My character was one of the foremost things I wanted to work on when I started attending Army and Navy in 2011. After the first month, I was getting compliments from my friends and family saying that I carry myself much better as a person, which felt good! Before long, I was feeling like a more well-rounded person than I had ever felt before. I’ve also come a long way in terms of self-direction. Now, I do what I need to do, when I need to do it, without being told.

Ms. Kim Frazier: English Teacher and Yearbook Advisor

Here at Army-Navy, we have a much better understanding of what character is than at other schools. Personally, I think many of the Cadets value character traits like integrity and honor, and that is one of the things I like best about teaching here. In regards to self-direction, students at this time of year, versus the start of the school year, are definitely more self-directed than before, which means they have become better at managing time and following directions.

Cadet Nathan Cervantes: Honor Guard, Class of 2017

I have never felt or been more able to be responsible as now. For example, being head of Color Guard takes a lot of responsibility, which I could not have handled before I came here. I’m glad that this school has trusted me to take charge of Color Guard and given me that responsibility. I’m more driven than ever and am ready to take charge.

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