Peer Mentors at Military SchoolArmy and Navy Academy is pleased to announce that it has launched a Peer Mentoring Program. Peer Mentors work with the Counseling Department to support new Cadets in their transition to the military boarding school environment.

Mentors range from grades seven through twelve, assisting new Cadets with everything from moving into their dorm rooms to teaching them the rules of the Academy, helping them find their classes and introducing them to new friends. The Peer Mentors are generally the first friend a new Cadet will make at the Academy, helping them adjust to the new environment and help them create lasting friendships.

“Mentors act as ‘big brothers,’ helping new students get accustomed to the school,” said Cadet Joseph Lee, founder of the program, “I want mentors to have a big impact on the new Cadets’ Academy life. They will be there in times of need, and be a close friend they can count on.”

To see the full list of Peer Mentors, please visit our Merit Page.