Student leaders at military schools

Research shows that transformational leaders who inspire and empower their followers through motivation and goal setting often accomplish more. That’s why the leadership education opportunities offered by Army and Navy Academy focus on delivering the skills and values a student needs to develop their leadership abilities, and achieve success wherever they go in life.

Few people are born leaders, which is why Cadets require practice, through summer leadership camps and year-round JROTC instruction designed to promote both academic achievement and leadership skill sets. Every aspect of the Academy experience is tailored toward educating the leaders of tomorrow.

A great leader needs a number of important skills in their arsenal, including:

  • Commitment to their goals
  • The ability to motivate themselves and others
  • Exceptional teamwork skills
  • Honor and integrity
  • Compassion and responsibility
  • Respect and discipline

Through the disciplined schedule offered at military schools, students learn the dedication required to execute goals effectively, and encourage others to work as a team toward the same outcome. At the same time, the military boarding school environment offers an opportunity to get involved in further programs intended to foster leadership development.