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Leadership experiences offer a transformative experience for teenagers and also serve as a great way to enhance college applications. Leadership experience can be acquired through student government positions, leadership training classes, after-school leadership activities, and summer leadership programs.

To gain an in-depth understanding of how leadership experiences can have an impact on college applications, we will focus on a specific boarding school in California. This private school offers leadership experiences during both the academic school year as well as during the summer.

Inspired by World Class Leadership Training Practices 

Army and Navy Academy, an all boys school for grades 7-12, offers in-depth leadership experiences through their associated student body (ASB), leadership education training (LET) classes, and a rigorous mental and physical leadership selection process. These types of leadership experiences showcase a student’s ability to lead and follow, work in teams, and motivate oneself and others. These are the kinds of life skills and character attributes college admission readers look for when reviewing college applications.

Because leadership is a critical cornerstone to both the academic year as well as their summer program, the Academy is ranked as one of the best military boarding schools.

Whether you plan to apply to the Ivy League, public or private colleges, military service academies or ROTC universities, this stellar West Point style leadership program at Army and Navy Academy makes college applications stand out.

College Admission Readers Look for Leadership Experience 

More and more, college admission readers are looking for leadership experiences on applications and in college essays.

The Academy’s college matriculation list is a testament to the college preparation and kinds of leadership skills acquired while attending Army and Navy Academy for school or summer programs. Do you have the following leadership skills and character attributes?

  • Skill building. Colleges want students who take the lead in their lives and have the leadership skills to do so. The Academy’s leadership education training program and summer leadership experiences promote specific leadership and management skills, as well as character development through training classes and activities. Leadership experience examples on college applications include any leadership roles or positions involving: teamwork, time management, project management, problem-solving, and communication skills.
  • Self-sufficiency. With the college freshman drop-out rate rising, it is no wonder that colleges are looking for students who are self-sufficient. Students and campers at the Academy learn how to make decisions, take responsibility and set goals that reinforce a strong sense of independence and resiliency. They learn to set and follow daily schedules and become highly independent and self-sufficient. Leadership requires independent thinking and action.
  • Self-discovery. Colleges seek out students with career goals and life experiences that demonstrate leadership. The Academy offers a number of leadership experiences through their leadership education training (LET) in conjunction with junior reserve officers’ training course (JROTC). Academic electives and summer tracks allow students to pursue career-oriented passions involving leadership in career-oriented areas such as: aviation/drones, science, business/entrepreneurship and computer science.
  • Physical Activity. Colleges and universities are interested in student leaders who model good fitness and can potentially serve as team captains in various sports. The Academy provides many high-challenge, high-reward physical activities, athletics, and beachfront activities. Leaders need to model fitness and teamwork.
  • Character Development. Colleges and universities seek out student leaders with core values and expect compliance with their honor code. Modeling positive character traits, the goal at the Academy is to help teens learn the fundamentals of good citizenship, honor, integrity, and selfless service.
  • Building Friendships. College admission readers look for students who can take the lead in forming friendships and building a sense of community. At the Academy’s boarding school and during their summer camps, teenagers learn how to relate with their peers from diverse backgrounds and make lasting bonds.
  • Fun and Adventure. Colleges pursue applicants who are willing to face new challenges. Leadership experiences should be both fun, but also quite challenging. Students need to try new things and test their mettle during adventure-based training.
  • Mentorship and Support. Colleges require students to seek out mentorship and support, even if they are top leaders. The Academy employs well-trained faculty and staff to create a supportive and safe environment year-round. Leaders know how to ask for help.
  • Structure and Motivation. One of the biggest benefits at Army and Navy Academy is the structured daily schedule and the many leadership activities to ramp up motivation and self-discipline. At the college level, student leaders must set goals, manage their time effectively, and keep themselves motivated.
  • JROTC* Credit. If a high school student intends to apply to West Point or one of the service academies or an ROTC university, attending the Academy can provide a competitive edge. Note: Campers completing two subsequent summers of JROTC Leadership camp at Army and Navy Academy will receive academic credit for a year of JROTC education.*

High School Leadership Experiences 

There are a number of ways to gain leadership experiences as mentioned earlier, so we will provide more detail on each one.

  1. Run for Student Government Positions – Run for student government positions and serve in one of the key positions.
  2. Participate in a JROTC Program – JROTC, to clarify, is to create good citizens and does not promote, nor require military enlistment. By contrast, “ROTC” is for college or university students who wish to serve in the military.
  3. Learn from Top Leaders – Learn from the best and seek out mentors. Closely modeled and inspired by world-class practices employed by top leaders in various industries, as well as by the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Army and Navy Academy also seeks inspiration from the U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, U.S. Air Force Academy and U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.
  4. Attend a Summer Leadership Camp – A summer leadership experience can help set an applicant apart when applying to colleges and universities, as well as ROTC universities and the service academies.

Learn More About Leadership Experiences 

To learn more about the Army and Navy Academy’s leadership programs. feel free to reach out and schedule a campus tour.

  • Location: Conveniently located on a 14 acre beachfront campus in the quaint village of Carlsbad, California near local airports and transit.
  • Grade Levels: Academic Year (all boys, grades 7-12). Summer Programs (coed, campers entering grades 7-12/ ages 11-17). Leadership experiences for elementary students are available if your child is an 11 year-old or 12 year-old (entering grade 7 or 8).
  • Boarding or Day Options: The Academy offers both boarding and day options. For the summer, campers may register for either the residential (aka sleepaway camp and overnight camp) or the day option.
  • Apply for Summer and Fall: The Academy reserves a limited number of spaces so campers may apply for the academic year if they elect to do so. Please contact the Admission Office for details.

Questions? Feel free to call now: 760.547.5207 or 760.547.5288

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