EFS-Pinnacle-AviationWe are pleased to announce that 23 Cadets have completed the first phase of training in the Elements of Flight Program, which included six weeks of classroom instruction on the fundamentals of flight and three field trips. Highlights so far include:

  • Miramar Air Show – Cadets not only viewed the amazing aviation show, but also had the opportunity to meet the pilots and tour their planes.
  • USS Midway Tour – Cadets toured the famous aircraft carrier and experienced its flight simulators, feeling the thrill of flying an F-18.
  • Trip to FLIGHTDECK – Cadets finally put their skills to the test, each controlling his own fighter jet simulator and competing against the others in a “dog fight,” complete with communications with an air traffic control tower and each other.

These inspiring experiences, both in and out of the classroom, have prepared Cadets to begin the final phase of the program, which is participation in the FAA Ground School course in January. The Ground School will be taught by a certified instructor from Pinnacle Aviation for thirteen Saturdays in 2016. Once a Cadet passes the course, he is eligible to sit for the FAA Ground School Exam, bringing him one step closer toward earning his private pilot’s license on his own time.

Congratulations to these Cadets for completing your first phase of training, and we look forward to seeing what you accomplish at Ground School!