Will this be the summer that changes your teen’s life? Your child can discover new interests, form friendships, participate in invigorating activities that test their mettle—all of it in an environment that encourages character building. It’s the kind of experience teens have at summer camps where the focus is on leadership.

There’s no better time to take advantage of all that a leadership summer camp can offer your child. After months of remote, screen-based learning and fewer opportunities for socialization, the Army and Navy Academy’s summer programs strengthen the mind and body with enriching activities that build valuable life skills. Campers discover their potential and set the foundation for a vibrant future.

What Your Teen Can Gain from Our Camps
Our summer leadership programs offer many benefits:

  • Skill building. Our camps promote leadership skills through training classes and activities. Teens will also hone their life and social skills, such as teamwork, time management, problem-solving, and communicating with others. As teens learn these skills, they build their self-esteem and self-confidence, making them more assured leaders.
  • Self-sufficiency. Campers learn how to make decisions, take responsibility, and set goals that reinforce a strong sense of independence to help them navigate the world in college and beyond.
  • Self-discovery. The Army and Navy Academy camps offer electives, such as Cyber Security & Computer Science and Aviation, where campers can chart the course for their future. They will also uncover new sources of inner strength as they conquer physical challenges such as ropes or obstacle courses.
  • Physical activity. It’s more important than ever to make sure your teen has a screen-free time that gets them moving. We provide many high-challenge, high-reward physical activities during our camps, as well as access to our campus facilities such as state-of-the-art athletic facilities, tennis courts, a pool, and our very own beachfront property.
  • Character development. The Academy’s camps instill positive traits such as honor, integrity, self-discipline, and accountability. These character bedrocks will remain with your teen long after the summer is over. 
  • Building friendships. Campers form lasting bonds with each other at our summer camps. We make rooming assignments by matching campers who have similar interests, and we also provide fun group activities such as movie nights and off-site excursions. Campers also learn how to relate with their peers from diverse backgrounds and experiences; they’ll develop a greater understanding and acceptance of others, as well as respect for all. There is a real sense of connection and belonging at our summer leadership camps.
  • Mentorship. The Army and Navy Academy summer camp staff works tirelessly to make the experience personally enriching for each camper. Our team creates a supportive and safe environment while modeling sportsmanship, resiliency, and healthy, positive character traits all campers can learn. The goal is to build strong, honorable leaders.

Learn More about The Academy’s Summer Leadership Camps

The Army and Navy Academy’s summer leadership camps combine academics, recreation, and leadership training for a unique adventure unlike any other. The co-ed camps offer middle school and high school students in two-week and four-week sessions; there is also an option for two-week day camps. 

High School Summer Leadership Camps:
Our two-week, Introduction to Leadership Camp provides campers with leadership education, including group instruction, hands-on learning, and outdoor adventures. Campers learn to focus on achievement while overcoming physical and mental challenges.  

While our four-week Advancement Leadership Camp provides an introduction to the Army’s Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps focuses on the core values of honor, integrity, and selfless service, motivating campers to succeed. Returning campers receive instruction concentrating on advanced citizenship and leadership skills, reinforcing the confidence gained from their previous experiences.

Middle School Summer Leadership Camp:
This is the ideal entry point for young students who want to start exploring their leadership capabilities. This program introduces the concepts of formal leadership training at the Introduction or Advanced level. 

The Introduction to Leadership Camp provides a basic understanding of leadership for students interested in exploring potential and learning the fundamentals of citizenship. Campers gain invaluable life skills through fun activities and adventure- based challenges that reinforce teamwork, accountability, discipline, and respect. Returning campers can follow-up their primary leadership classes with an advanced curriculum emphasizing the core values of responsibility, loyalty, and selfless service focused on preparing them for high school.

Younger campers also have the option of selecting the four-week Advanced Leadership Camp which would provide them the opportunity to earn primary and secondary level experience in one summer, this option provides both courses over the four weeks.

All two-week middle and high school campers at The Academy choose an elective to focus on during their session:

  • Leadership (building better citizens through communication and cooperative skills)
  • Aviation (learning the basics of aeronautics with classes and project-based learning)
  • Cyber Security and Computer Science (understanding technology through hands-on opportunities to code computer programs or design websites)
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) (providing opportunities for international campers to hone their reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills)

All of our leadership camps take place on the Academy’s beautiful oceanfront campus in Carlsbad, California. Camp Challenge features access to all of our amenities, including our library, athletic fields, and the local beach. We also place a premium on your child’s safety, with on-site medical service and 24-hour security. 

The summer program is also a chance for campers to experience firsthand the longstanding traditions and culture of the Army and Navy Academy, which was founded in 1943 to help every boy discover that greatness lies within them. We encourage potential students interested in attending the Academy to enroll in our summer leadership program as the perfect introduction to the values and standards we uphold. 

Learn more about our Summer Leadership Camps and how to enroll your camper in an upcoming session. An Army and Navy Academy camp isn’t just the experience of a lifetime–it’s an experience that sets campers up for a lifetime of success. 

For further information on the Summer Leadership Camp or — to reserve an Open House date, e-mail summer@armyandnavyacademy.org or call 760.547.5207 or 760.547.5288 Address: 2605 Carlsbad Boulevard, Carlsbad, CA 92008v