Looking for a boarding school for your son with an emphasis on college prep, leadership, character development, and CIF sports? Army and Navy Academy has what it takes to set your son up for success in college and life beyond.

While many boys are getting lost in large overcrowded classrooms, the Academy offers small classes, interactive learning, and strong academic support systems geared specifically for how boys learn best. The Academy helps boys gain the structure, motivation and self-discipline for teenage boys to move toward maturity and manhood.  

In fact, according to the California Department of Education, data indicates issues with public high school graduation rates, absenteeism, and various learning programs. By comparison, it is tough to be absent or fall behind at this top ranked boarding school. At Army and Navy Academy, nestled along the Pacific Ocean in Carlsbad,  students benefit from a structured daily schedule and an umbrella of adult support and supervision. 

The college prep approach at Army Navy is based on the University of California standards and academics are supported through after-school tutorials, mandatory study time, faculty office hours, full college planning services, career-oriented electives, educational clubs and specialized support services. 

Offering both boarding and day school options, find out what makes Army & Navy Academy stand out from other U.S. boarding schools, military schools, military academies, and local high schools in Carlsbad. Here are just some of the ways this West Point-style military academy is different from other schools across the United States and other countries.  

The Army and Navy Academy Differences

  1. Boy-Centered Approach to Engage and Motivate– First and foremost, as a college prep military school, the Academy understands boys, not only how boys learn best, but how to engage and motivate them. Since 1910, the Academy has been invested in single gender education, and along the way, they have learned some critical lessons. Backed by scientific research, they train the faculty and staff to incorporate methods to get boys moving, engage them in doing hands-on projects, and, in turn, ignite a real love for learning. The dedicated and supportive faculty help boys develop intellectual confidence, mental fitness, a growth mindset, alongside other core competencies. 
  2. College and Career Preparation to Ignite Passions – Based on statistical data,  this generation is more focused than ever on an education tied to real-world learning. Knowing this, the Academy offers a UC standards-based curriculum with a heavy STEAM focus, Advanced Placement (AP) and honors classes, visual and performing arts (VPA), a wide variety of clubs, and electives aligned with future college and career pathways. Check out the unique electives that build career skills in areas such as: Warrior Aviation Programcomputer science, cyber security, game development, video production, and visual and performing arts. Graduates attend prestigious colleges and universities,  including the Ivy League and top public and private universities. The college matriculation list includes: UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSB, UC Irvine, UC Davis, Stanford, USC, Purdue, Columbia, Cornell, NYU, MIT, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Rutgers, University of Chicago, Boston College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Parsons School of Design, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, and many more.  
  3. Mentorship and Support to Ensure Success – Collectively, and as a nation, none of us want boys to fall behind in school or in life. More than ever, boys need mentorship and support beyond their peers and parents. Boys in middle school and throughout high school need strong support systems in academics, but they also need male mentorship to guide them after classes end. This is where Trainers, Advisors, Coaches (TACS) step in and make a difference at this top ranked military school for boys. These men guide and mentor boys to set goals, embrace and embody strong values, demonstrate respect and good etiquette, display strong leadership, as well as establish good life habits. 
  4. CIF Champion Athletes with a Focus on Teamwork – Army and Navy Academy is known for an amazing track record and a history of California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) championships. Junior Varsity and Varsity sports, along with team and club options. Sports allow students to get moving as they develop both physical and mental fitness. Inspiring coaches cultivate a sense of camaraderie, ethical standards, a growth mindset, and a strong commitment to teamwork. They help make this military school for boys a life changing experience. 
  5. Stellar Leadership Program  – As an Honor Unit with Distinction, this military school in San Diego County follows, but also goes beyond the JROTC mission to create good citizens. This top military academy is known for shaping young men into tomorrow’s leaders through a focused Leadership Education Training (LET) classes, Officer Candidate Course (OCC), and emphasis on student governance. Not only the college matriculation, but the long history of notable alumni is a testament to how the leadership training sets young men apart in college and life. Graduates of Army and Navy often pursue careers in business, entrepreneurship, government, diplomacy, science, technology, engineering, hotel management, nonprofits, military service, law, medicine, and many other fields where they make their mark as leaders. 
  6. Practical Life Skills that Create Competencies  – In terms of skills, it should come as no surprise that following a rigorous daily schedule helps boys develop a blueprint for life, one that balances mental, physical, social, and spiritual activities. As teenage boys often flounder to find structure during and after school, the 24/7 military school education at Army and Navy Academy provides students with a strong foundation. Students learn executive function skills: how to set goals, manage priorities, make effective decisions, and acquire time management skill sets. 
  7. Character Development with Core Values – Although the Academy is non-denominational, a cornerstone at the Academy is an emphasis on values and ethics. Incorporated into all aspects of campus life, young men learn how to put values into action in all aspects of their daily lives. The core values are as follows: honor, integrity, respect, responsibility, compassion, and gratitude. Students (aka “cadets”) are expected to model, mentor, and guide others. Often quoted on campus, this is a common phrase heard around campus to inspire cadets to follow the honor code; “stand for the hard right against the easy wrong.”
  8. Support Services to Ensure High Achievement – Support services set the Academy apart from many private schools, military schools, and public schools. For international students, Army and Navy Academy is one of very few boarding schools to offer an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program to enhance grammar, writing, and verbal communications. In addition, the Academy offers a special class for Learning Strategies to support students with mild to moderate learning challenges, such as: ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Auditory Processing. 
  9. Beachfront Campus with Amazing Amenities – With the Pacific Ocean at their doorstep, middle school and high school students enjoy direct access to the Pacific Ocean.  Similar to a college setting and ideally located in the quaint village of Carlsbad (San Diego County), Army and Navy Academy offers unparalleled access to all that California has to offer: beaches, harbors, fishing, hiking trails, theme parks, movie theaters, educational and cultural activities.   
  10. Rich Diversity and Trips to Expand Horizons – Unlike public schools where students come from the local neighborhood, Army and Navy Academy attracts students from across the USA and around the world.  Boys cultivate a multicultural perspective. Students learn about history, cultures, languages, and government in direct ways from international students and the many off-campus and campus cultural events. In addition, trips locally to Southern California educational venues, alongside out-of-state trips and spring trips abroad cultivate awareness, good citizenship, and strong values. Students at Army and Navy Academy come from places near and far, including: California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. International countries include: Mexico, Canada, China, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, France, Italy, Mongolia, Vietnam, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, Dominican Republic, Russia, Ukraine, and the Philippines. 

Searching for a “Military School Near Me”? Bear in mind that choosing a U.S. boarding school means you are not restricted by your city, region, or even by your country. As a 24/7 boarding school experience, students find Army and Navy Academy easily accessible. Airports include: San Diego International Airport (SAN), John Wayne Airport in Orange County (SNA), and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). 

If you are seeking a private high school in Carlsbad or a boarding school for boys in the U.S with college prep academics, leadership, and character development, then do consider this unique military school. It could be the life-changer you have been looking for and could open future doors for your teen. Prospective families are encouraged to schedule a campus visit to begin the journey to fully explore The ANA Difference.