Army and Navy Academy is an Official WeatherBug StationArmy and Navy Academy is pleased to announce that the school is now an official WeatherBug weather station. Weather Bug provides up-to-the-minute data and digital images to national news stations and their affiliates. This not only means that our weather cam may be used nationally to show real-time weather in the San Diego region, but also that our Cadets will be further connected to a world of learning outside of the classroom.

This is an exciting addition to the Academy’s focus on STEM learning. From a curricular perspective, the weather station provides Cadets with examples of the “real world” applications of their studies. Additionally, it’s an example of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy – using today’s technology advancements to facilitate learning.

On campus? You can see the weather station on top of the Rec Hall, with monitors in the Academic and Admission Offices coming soon!

Special thanks Emad Al Zaben (Faisal ’16). His generosity in promoting STEM education at the Academy has made this possible.