This year has been an adventure for us here at Army and Navy Academy! While it was a crazy ride, we feel as though it has bonded us all together and we are ready to share our journey with you!

Over the past 15 months, we have undergone some major changes that we felt were necessary to help better define who we are as a school and what we have always believed in. This rebranding initiative will help us more clearly communicate the importance of our work and why others should want to join our Warrior family.

Army and Navy Academy is a school that believes in boys. This is something that we’ve always believed in. Our goal is to keep boys at the center and provide them with the support, structure, and guidance they need that only we can provide through our 24/7, around the clock experience. Through this experience, we hope to instill in each and every boy the unqualified belief that he can achieve or exceed any goal he sets for himself. We believe that greatness lies in every boy, but in order for them to succeed, they must first believe in themselves.

This belief system is visible in our new visual identity. Our new logo features a modern Warrior created out of parts of a circle coming together holistically, representing the encompassing challenge and support Cadets receive here. This is reinforced by imagery of our staff, faculty, and TAC officers being there for Cadets, so they can then in turn be there for each other. The forward-facing Warrior also symbolizes the Cadet looking toward their future ahead of them and aiming to reach their goals. Our new tagline, “Be Bold. Be Brilliant. Be You.”, speaks directly to Cadets, encouraging them to pursue independence and leadership in all that they do.

As you browse through our new website, you’ll notice the use of new colors. Our system of colors works together to reflect the commitment of our community while also signaling our encouraging and adventurous culture. Black and gold remain Army and Navy Academy’s signature brand colors, honoring our connection to Army and Navy Cadets and alumni from across the decades. The cool blue and warm yellow complement each other and highlight our California coastal location: the blue is a nod to the sky and the ocean, while the optimistic yellow captures the golden sun. A neutral gray grounds the palette, helping to convey our intentional personality.

While we are retiring the logo that was introduced in 2010 to mark the Academy’s 100 year anniversary, we are still keeping our longstanding seal, Alumni crest, and Cadet crest as they are important elements that represents our history and traditions. While these will be used for specific purposes, it will not be used in place of Army and Navy Academy’s new logo.

In the recent months as we neared the end of this rebranding initiative, we also had a schoolwide photoshoot and videoshoot. You will see the use of this new photography throughout the website and the video serves as the new Admission video. Although the shoot days were a bit chaotic, the Cadets had a change of pace from their typical daily schedule and enjoyed being a part of something big by making their mark in Army and Navy Academy’s brand evolution. It’s great seeing our current Cadets and recent graduates as the faces of our school and our new brand.

We’re not changing what we do every day, we’re just changing how we talk about it. This is one of the biggest changes our school has experienced and we are excited for this new chapter!

Warrior proud! Warrior strong!

To view all the photos from the photoshoot, please visit our Flickr page. As you find photos of your Cadet, feel free to download them and share them with your family and friends! Be sure to follow and tag “Army and Navy Academy” on Facebook and Instagram!

Check out our new Admission video below! Again, please share it on social media or share it with someone who might be interested in learning more about Army and Navy Academy.