3 Ways to Prepare for your Campus Visit

One of the most important pieces in the boarding school application process is the campus visit. This is where you’ll meet with the Admission team, go on a campus tour, and meet current students.

Here are three things you can do before arriving on campus to make sure you have the best experience possible.

1.  Prepare a list of questions for the Admission Counselor.

The campus visit is your chance to ask anything. When you visit the Academy, our goal is to work together to determine if the our school is the right fit for you, so we’re open to any and all questions you may have. It’s often helpful for families to bring a list of questions with them so they don’t forget anything they want to ask.

Attending the Academy isn’t just your parent’s decision – we want you to be on board and excited, too. There’s no such thing as a bad question, and you should feel comfortable asking anything.

2.  Make sure the Admission Counselor knows your interests.

Do you play in a band? We’ll connect you with the Bandmaster on tour. Are you a stellar athlete? We’ll make sure to introduce you to the Athletic Director.

The more we know about your interests, the more personalized your campus visit will be. The Admission team will make sure you meet key contacts here so you get more information on the programs you’re most interested in. Make sure to give us this information before you arrive on campus so we can coordinate schedules with the appropriate people on campus.

3.  Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

Most boarding schools have a large amount of property, and Army and Navy Academy is no exception. We have 16.5-acres on the Pacific Ocean, and our tours take you throughout most of our campus. Make sure to wear clothing and shoes that will keep you comfortable during your tour.

If you’re testing and interviewing during the time of your visit, your parents may have some free time. If this is the case, they can walk into Carlsbad Village, just a few blocks from campus, to explore some locally-owned shops and restaurants. We recommend grabbing a coffee at Carlsbad Coffee House or a quick lunch at Swami’s Café.

Ready for your visit?

To schedule your visit or for more information, please contact the Admission Office.