Chris Crawford ’03

A Shark Tank Success Story

Tired of going into work with salt on his skin after a morning surf session, Chris Crawford ’03 channeled his entrepreneurial spirit into designing a solution to what is a common problem for surfers, hikers, and travelers alike- staying clean on the road or when running water cannot be found. The RinseKit is a portable kit with a unique adapter that hooks up to a standard spigot and retains the water pressure used to fill its two-gallon tank. Once full, the RinseKit can provide around four minutes of continuous spray. After creating a prototype in his garage, Crawford received enough attention for his invention that he set up a Kickstarter to fund its production. The campaign went on to make almost $400,000. From there, he took his product to Shark Tank, where he successfully secured a $250,000 investment from Daymond John. His company also offers a Field Fill Kit, which allows you to pressurize your RinseKit with a bike pump when you’re away from a faucet or spigot.