Bradley D. Larsen ’72

Brad-Larsen-Golden-aBradley D. Larsen ’72, attended the Academy from 1967-72, graduating in the last class to receive diplomas from Col Atkinson. A standout Cadet, he was a star tennis player and graduated at the top of his class.

Post-graduation, he received his degree in Business Administration, preparing him for a long and successful career at Maclin Markets, Inc.—a family-owned enterprise which primarily focuses on operating open air markets.

Larsen is a founding member of the reconstituted Alumni Association. He now serves the as a Director and Committee Chair. His Committee has sponsored the preservation and restoration of busts, plaques, trophy cases, and the tennis courts.

Today, Larsen enjoys life in Laguna Beach with his wife, Liza. He’s also a proud father and grandfather, and ardent supporter of Army and Navy Academy.