How Boys Learn Best

Our unique approach to learning allows boys to believe in themselves and believe that school is worth their time, attention, and effort.

Our certification as a Gurian Model School—a designation for schools that use gender-specific techniques—reflects our commitment to helping boys discover or rediscover their love for learning. Studies show there are real differences between how boys and girls learn. At our California boarding school, we employ several methods to help boys stay active, engaged, and motivated.

Leverage Structure

We provide a structured and action packed day for every Cadet. Schedules vary by involvement and interests, so prioritizing time becomes personal. This structured approach encourages self-motivation, goal orientation, and time management skills. When young men are provided with structure and support, they have the tools and stability they need to bravely rise up to their full potential.

Keep Boys at the Center

We know that boys respond positively to visual and active learning. That’s why we use classroom features like standing desks and Promethean boards to keep boys engaged. We employ competitive and interactive learning strategies to get boys moving and excited. We intentionally keep class sizes small to allow teachers to tailor their learning approaches for individuality and detail, giving boys the time and space they need to thrive.

Set the Next Goal

We focus on helping Cadets set the next goal, whether it be for college or life beyond. Through our JROTC Leadership program, young men get exposure to a variety of leadership styles and paths. This style of leadership helps boys better define, pursue, and achieve their personal development, leadership, and team building goals. Just as importantly, Cadets can serve as inspiration to one another and engage in friendly competition that spurs them on to greater achievement.

Stay Active, Have Fun

We know physical activity keeps boys mentally stimulated and helps manage any impulse behavior. Classes allow Cadets to move, interact, and engage in hands-on learning, and that’s just the beginning. Outside of class our unique location offers endless opportunities to explore, try new things, and push boundaries. From our comprehensive athletics program to our exciting summer camps, Cadets have the chance to test their body and mind while engaging with their peers in an environment that encourages growth.

An Army and Navy Academy education provides young men with the education and support to plan for the future, exercise good judgement, and develop the social skills necessary for a fruitful and fulfilled life.

Why Army and Navy Academy?

Army and Navy Academy believes in boys, and we are fully committed to how they learn, grow and thrive.

About Us

~ Alumnus

“Instructors were the best I ever had — personal, likable, yet strong and firm; able to make learning great and the fun activity it’s meant to be. Competition was well balanced, so the best were recognized, yet those needing extra attention felt like part of the pack.”