Cadet Life - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Whom should I call to see how my Cadet is adapting to the Academy?

A: The first person to call is his Trainer, Advisor, Counselor (TAC). TACs are responsible for the late afternoon and evenings outside the classroom. He’ll be the one who is walking around the barracks checking on your Cadet and who your Cadet goes to with challenges or concerns.

Q: How do you monitor attendance?

A: The Operations Office monitors daily classroom attendance submitted by teachers, as well as Cadet formation rosters to ensure accountability of all Cadets on campus.
Q: How are barracks assigned?
A: Cadet files are reviewed by Academy staff prior to assignment. Should a challenge with a roommate occur, a Cadet should communicate with his TAC.

Q: How can I contact a Cadet after school?
A: The Operations Office is the main hub when attempting to contact your Cadet. Your Cadet will be informed of your arrival via the public address system or tracked down by his TAC.

Q: How do I reach my son's Trainer, Advisor, Counselor (TAC)?
A: Your Cadet’s TAC can be contacted via email or by phone as listed in the directory. It is important to remember your Cadet’s TAC is normally on campus Monday - Thursday from 2:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. and Friday’s from 12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. TACs will make every effort to respond within 24 hours. For urgent issues please call the Operations Office and they will contact the appropriate TAC or Staff member as needed. 

Q: Am I allowed to come on campus to take my Cadet to dinner?
A: Absolutely! We ask you to give us advance notice that you will be on campus to ensure your son is expecting you. When you arrive, check in at the Operations Office so we can page your Cadet. For accountability purposes, he will need to sign out with his TAC.

Q: Can my Cadet go home with another Cadet for the weekend?
A: Yes. We ask that we receive an e-mail from you stating your approval of the Cadet's spending the weekend with the other family.  Some parents feel a bit nervous about allowing their Cadets to leave with another family whom they may not have met. If that’s the case, give your TAC a call. He knows the Cadets and can put you more at ease.

Q: How do I check-out my Cadet when I pick him up after school for weekends or holidays?
A: Cadets are required to check out from the Operations Office when departing campus. Pass cards (white for local liberty, blue for overnight leave) are filled out by the Cadet and signed by the TAC prior to departure. This allows the TAC time to confirm travel plans. On occasion, a Cadet may invite other Cadets to their home for weekend home leave. In this instance, prior planning is essential. Both Patrons must provide signed authorization via email or fax to the TAC 48 hours in advance of the home visit.

Q: How does my son get mail?
A: Mail from Patrons or Families should be addressed to the Cadet using the PO Box for the school:
PO Box 3000
Carlsbad, CA  92018-3000
Cadet mail is distributed to the TAC daily and then delivered to the Cadets each evening. Larger packages should be shipped to the Academy’s physical address:
2605 Carlsbad Boulevard
Carlsbad, CA 92008
The Operations Office will ensure that Cadets receive any packages that have been addressed to them at the physical address.

Q: How is campus security handled?
A: Our campus is equipped with automated gates, a camera surveillance system, and a fire/smoke detection system. The Academy is staffed around the clock with personnel who provide campus security. Regular fire and lock down drills are preformed by the entire school to help educate the Cadets on proper procedures in case of emergency.

Q: My son has a medical appointment with a physician away from the Carlsbad area. How do I get him off campus for his appointment?
A: We ask that you fax a copy of the Cadet Absence Form to the Operations Office at least 48 hours in advance of the appointment. This will allow us time to excuse the absence and make any necessary arrangements. You can pick him up from campus or you can have him use public transportation. We offer shuttles to the train station and the airport, which will need to be coordinated with our Transportation Director, Mrs. Bobbi Patterson. She may be reached by email or 760.547.5212.

More Questions?

Current Families - Please Contact your Cadet's assigned TAC for assistance.
Prospective Families - Please Contact the Office of Admission.

Buildings and Barracks Life

Alpha Company is housed in McClendon Hall and a portion of Anderson Hall, while Bravo and Charlie Companies occupy the bulk of Anderson Hall. Band Company Cadets occupy Hoover Hall, while Honor Guard cadets are housed in the Honor Guard Cottages. (Honor Guard is a small but prestigious detachment of Band Company)

The majority of seniors reside in the Headquarters Company Cottages, while West Fagen Hall (commonly known as “The Palace”) houses the Battalion Staff. The Battalion Staff consists of senior Cadets who have earned the highest ranking leadership positions within the Corps of Cadets. 

Each company has its own unique network of Cadet Leaders who have completed extensive training in leadership and character development. These leaders, along with the TACs, help guide the lower-ranking Cadets in their journey to becoming young men of good character. 

Within each company are hand-selected Cadets from the High School who serve as Cadet Leaders. These leaders are trained by the TACs, in direct relation to our Cadet Life program. They learn age-specific behavior, peer counseling, and mentoring techniques, as well as ways to deal with everyday Cadet Life incidents. Cadet Leaders receive specific job descriptions, but most treat the experience more like being a big brother to the younger cadets.

The western tip of the Academy’s campus has clear views of the beachfront and surf. Crean Hall houses Echo Company and consists of eight quads. Atkinson Hall is made up of four quads with four rooms to each quad. Lewis and McIntosh Halls encompass two buildings with eight rooms each. 

Two Cadets are assigned to each room, with two Cadet Leaders assigned to each quad. It is the Cadet Leaders' responsibility and goal to convey ownership of their area to the other Cadets. Each Cadet is assigned a specific responsibility in maintaining a clean and orderly room. From day one, Cadets learn to work as a team.

Cadet Life Quick Reference

Health Center
By Email

By Email

By Email

Cadet Companies

Commandant of Cadets
Col(R) Kevin Batule

Deputy Commandant
GySgt(R) Charles Glimka
Phone: 760.547.5222

Asst. Commandant for Operations
1stSgt(R) RayMcCastle
Phone: 760.547.5230

Asst. Commandant for Cadet Life
SgtMaj(R) Eusebio Gonzalez
Phone: 760.547.5352

HQ Company
Roye Oliver
Phone: 760.547.5225

Alpha Company
Kevan Clark
Phone: 760.547.5204

Band Company
Jason MacDonnell
Phone: 760.547.5224

Bravo Company
CPT Kevin Newton
Phone: 760.547.5219

Charlie Company
Antonio Maldonado
Phone: 760.547.5220

Delta Company
CPT Michael Dennis
Phone: 760.547.5226

Echo Company
CPT Mike Traynor
Phone: 760.547.5223


On Duty Staff Member
Phone: 760.547.5227