Military boarding school campus of Army & Navy Academy
ANA has a proud athletics history, with many strong sports programs
Army & Navy Academy in San Diego, California
All ANA cadets are encouraged to pursue activities such as marching band and sports
ANA fosters leadership and good character in young men

Army and Navy Academy Boarding School for Boys

With a breathtaking campus on the shores of Southern California, the Army and Navy Academy is a college preparatory boarding school for boys for grades 7-12. Long respected as among the top military boarding schools in the United States, the Academy attracts domestic students across the country and international students from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

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Autumn Ball Weekend: October 31 - November 2

Army and Navy Academy Military Boarding School: Special Event WeekendAutumn Ball Weekend is almost here! This is a special weekend for our entire school-wide community - Cadets, Patrons, Faculty, Staff, and Friends of ANA - particularly our Seniors who will experience some of our 104 year old traditions.

Continue reading for more information on what to expect this weekend, including information about some of the top events: the Senior Ring Cermony, Parent/Teacher/TAC Conferences, and, of course, the Autumn Ball itself.

Cadet Leadership: Interview with the Top Three

Top Three Leaders at Army and Navy Academy Military Boarding SchoolHere at the Academy, leadership is developed through specific training modeled from the top service academies. By their senior years, all Cadets hold a position, similar to the West Point model. They are carefully selected and expected to be role models and mentors for all Cadets at the Academy. 

Continue reading to find out how we create the leaders of tomorrow by hearing directly from our Top Three leaders. 

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