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Welcome to the Army and Navy Academy website.  Since 1910, we have been deeply committed to fulfilling our mission of “educating, mentoring, and developing good character and leadership in young men.”

Army and Navy Academy is a unique and bold institution. We actively seek to instill within young men the time-tested virtues and values of honor, integrity, respect, responsibility, compassion and gratitude. Our approach is to combine the structure, discipline, and meritocracy embedded within our highly acclaimed leadership program and seamlessly merge it with an enriching academic experience that fosters critical thinking and intellectual curiosity. 

Our mission goes well beyond the goal of simply “preparing students for college.” Rather, our broader and higher aim is focused on developing within cadets the right lifetime habits to strengthen their will and character in ways that can enrich their lives long after the typical collegiate experience.

As a nationally recognized and accredited model school for boys, our faculty and staff are both specifically trained and deeply committed to the different pathways and patterns of how boys learn.  As an example, we fundamentally believe that self-esteem is earned through hard work, perseverance, and learning how to recover from failure. Thus, our program is intentionally hard and demanding. At the same time, we create the appropriate balance between nurture and challenge that allows cadets to build their self-confidence and push themselves beyond what even they believed was possible.  This is the magic of Army and Navy Academy!

Nestled within the confines of the friendly and lively Carlsbad Village, we are fortunate to be located in one of the most stunning and beautiful spots in the country.  As the waves from the Pacific Ocean naturally break upon our campus, our cadets can swim, surf, fish, or take in a spectacular sunset. Moreover, Carlsbad’s warm and comfortable Mediterranean climate creates ample opportunities for much of our educational programming to be conducted outside. 

Within this ideal setting, we are called to shape and form the lives of young men and give them a sense of purpose and confidence to find and fulfill their own unique paths in life. It is an “old-school” mission and mind set that I believe has even stronger relevance for boys in today’s more turbulent and disruptive social and cultural times.

We hope you can be moved beyond clicking pages on this website and actually come out and visit our campus to meet the dynamic educational team, who are truly committed to knowing, understanding, mentoring, and bringing out the brilliance in every boy.

Warrior Proud! Warrior Strong!

Mark Desjardins, Ph.D.
President, Army and Navy Academy

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