Cadet Life Hero


Boarding school life has a whole different feel at Army & Navy Academy in Southern California. The beach is literally at your doorstep! Similar to a college setting, our 16-acre campus has everything you need for a fully integrated educational experience. Life on campus encompasses academics, tutorials, athletics, clubs, study time, delicious meals, and time to unwind at the beach, recreation hall, or take a walk into Carlsbad Village. During the weekends, cadets who remain on campus can choose from a variety of activities ranging from surfing, tennis, swimming, shopping, movies, and off-campus trips. It’s a whole new adventure every day.


Geared exclusively for teenage boys to prepare for college and life, Army & Navy Academy is a private school for grades 7-12 (boarding and day options). Located in Carlsbad, California, the campus is located in San Diego county, with easy access to airports, shopping, movie theaters, hiking, boating, and cultural venues.


Boarding school life at Army and Navy Academy is all about fun, challenge, and the brotherhood. Here you will develop your character, engage in teamwork, and forge new friendships. 

If you are looking to improve your circle of friends, form good habits and live a more balanced life, the Academy offers the structure and motivation to succeed. Here are some aspects of campus life after classes end: 

  • Tutorial Period 
  • Choice of JV and Varsity Sports 
  • Fitness Options 
  • Rest and Relaxation Time 
  • Time Off-Campus in Carlsbad Village 
  • Beach and Aquatics 
  • Recreation Hall Activities 
  • Weekend Trips and Activities
  • Trips in the U.S. and abroad 


Why Students Choose Army & Navy Academy

 1. Live by the Beach!

2. Make Lifelong Friends 

3. Receive Mentorship & Support

4. Live a Structured Lifestyle 

5. Enjoy Sports & Fitness

6. Prepare for College and Life   

7. Learn Practical Skills 

8. Move from Boyhood to Manhood

9. Face New Challenges

10. Have Fun at School

11. Develop Leadership Skills 

12. Enjoy Interactive Learning  

13. Get a Jumpstart on Career Interests 

14. Get a Pilot’s License in High School

15. Give Back through Service Projects 

“The whole environment of the school is what I’ll remember most, being by the ocean with surfing and beach parties — but most of all, the sacrificing and dedicated staff volunteering in many cases to give the gift of life-long teachings and mentorship that make life at the Academy all the more enriching. With the boarding school environment, people that wouldn’t interact in a public school setting are more open and social, interacting outside of their comfort zones.”

— Brad L. (Alumnus)

Looking for more male mentorship in your life? Your TAC (Trainer, Advisor, Counselor) will show you the ropes! He will mentor and guide you as you set goals for academics, leadership, character development, and athletics. 

He will ensure you live a balanced life after classes end through your participation in sports, fitness, clubs, study time, and weekend activities. With his support, you will see your habits improve in the following areas: nutrition, sleep, appearance, hygiene, mental fitness, and communication. 

He will advise, coach, and counsel you to be your best version as a leader, friend, and teammate. He is there for you every step of the way.