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Natalie Gali-Saulsberry

Originally from San Jose, CA, I began my nursing career back in 1991. Surrounded by a family of medical professionals, I knew early on I would always be part of a care giving team. My husband and I have a blended family of 6 children ranging from elementary to college graduates.

My background includes experience in Critical Care, Cardiac Step-down, Medical Surgical and Acute Rehab. I began working at The Army Navy Academy in March of 2012.

I can honestly say that since my employment here, I’ve had just as many rewarding and heartfelt experiences as in my entire nursing career. As nurses, we wear many hats for our patients, from caregiver and counselor and advocate, to waitress and personal assistant. What makes us great nurses, are the knowledgeable skills, and the unconditional, genuine personal care we provide to each and every person who crosses our path. If I can make a positive difference in just one person’s life, I have succeeded in mine. I believe I was placed here on this earth to do what I do and I know this because I love it so much, and I am happy to add that I am Warrior Proud, Warrior Strong!