Introduction to Leadership Electives

Campers personalize their schedule by adding specialty electives to their daily schedule to enhance the summer experience. Two-Week sessions offer a single elective period, while the Four-Week Dual Elective sessions allow for participation in either two unique electives or a single leadership training course. 


Session One – Grade 7-12
Session Two – Grade 7-12

For motivated campers focused on becoming better citizens, the Leadership option enhances the program’s core. It reinforces the development of communication and cooperative skills, personal strengths, and self-confidence.

JROTC Leadership Education & Training 

Availability: Session One – Grade 9-12

High-school campers selecting two leadership training sessions are eligible for this introductory four-week credit-producing course. The course reinforces the elements of leadership they have gained from previous experiences


Session One – Grade 7-8

Session Two – Grade 9-12

The Aviation program introduces aeronautics through in-class discussions and project-based learning.

This program covers: principles of flight, aircraft anatomy, space travel, and remotely-piloted aircraft systems.

Campers also learn to how to earn drone, glider, and private pilot licenses.

Aim high and learn about the growing field of aviation in this dynamic and fun elective. 

Computer Science Camp Webpage

Cyber Security

Session One – Grade 9-12

Session Two – Grade 7-8

Introducing Cyber Security using virtual machines (running Windows 10 and Linux), this elective reinforces the scientific process and promotes the appropriate use of technology.

Campers are introduced to the concepts of personal data responsibility, appropriate online behavior, and digital leadership, while becoming familiar with the digital defense of data and operating systems.

Gain a new set of technology skills! 

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Session One – Grade 7-12

Session Two – Grade 7-12

ESOL (aka ESL) involves engaging content that promotes active listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

The elective utilizes various  instructional mediums and technological support.

Campers come from all over the U.S. and the world to learn English at the Academy. 


For any questions regarding Summer Leadership Camp Electives and how to register for camps, please contact:

Michael Basista