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Campus laundry services are offered through Bertalot’s Laundry Service, which provides fluff and fold, dry cleaning and alterations for Army and Navy Academy Cadets at competitive pricing.  Services are provided on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  It is the cadet’s responsibility to pick-up and drop-off their laundry during these designated times.

To ensure that your Cadet receives services, a laundry account must be setup with the following deposit:

  • Boarding Cadets: $750 Returning cadets with a balance from the prior year will be rolled over. We estimate that this deposit will see your cadet through a semester at the Academy, but you may need to provide additional laundry funding if your cadet uses the service more frequently.
  • Day Cadets: $200

The Credit Card Authorization Form has been provided for your convenience.  Please fill out and send to Bertalot’s Laundry Service at

*All International Cadets are automatically charged as part of your fees. 

You are encouraged to email Bertalot’s Laundry Service at or call at 562.715.2851 for assistance.

Kim Bertalor

Hi, my name’s Kim Bertalot with Bertalot’s Laundry Service. Let me know if you need help!