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Army and Navy Academy uses Aeries as its Student Information System to track grades, citizenship, and family contact information. You must complete the Aeries Online Enrollment process prior to your cadet’s move-in day. For your convenience, please use Google Chrome on a desktop computer to complete your online enrollment process.

Some of the benefits of Aeries include facilitating real-time grade checks, staying current on homework and classwork, and communicating with faculty about your cadet’s performance.

New families have the following language options for completing the Aeries registration: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean. Army and Navy Academy only accepts cadet documents in English.

Student course requests will be confirmed on Move-In Day; classes will not be finalized until just prior to the first day of school. 


  1. Click the link to begin your online registration: Aeries AIR
  2. In Aeries AIR: Follow the instructions on each tab to complete the required items.
  3. In Aeries AIR: Some documents will need to be opened and downloaded prior to completing and saving in order to upload them during your Aeries enrollment.
  4. In Aeries AIR: You will need to print, sign, and upload the final Data Confirmation Form. Aeries does not allow electronic signatures for this form.  Please upload the Aeries Data Confirmation Form after setting up your Aeries Parent Portal Account. An email will automatically be sent when your information is imported into Aeries.  You will then be prompted to go through the “Data Confirmation Process” to confirm your imported information transferred successfully.  The 4th Tab (Requested Documents) is where you will upload the signed and dated Aeries Data Confirmation Form under New Families: Data Confirmation Form.

Please help us by keeping your contact information up-to-date in Aeries at all times. We use the information in Aeries for all family communications, and failing to keep your information current will result in missed emails and calls from the Academy. If you change your home address, primary phone number, email address, or other contact information, contact the Registrar at to ensure that your information is updated.


Once your Aeries Online Enrollment has been received and imported into Aeries, you will automatically receive Aeries emails at the addresses you have provided with instructions for setting up your respective Parent Portal accounts.


All class scheduling questions will go through your counselor on Move-In Day. You also have the option to schedule virtual meetings with your counselor before your Move-In Day. Please contact your cadet’s counselor or Ethan Segovia, the Dean of Academics, at or 760.547.5196 for assistance.


Every Cadet will receive a Yearbook at the end of the school year at no additional cost to families.

Ethan Segovia

Hi, I’m Ethan Segovia, the Dean of Academics. I oversee all matters related to the Academy’s academic program. Please remember that you are always welcome to reach out to your cadet’s teachers for any class-specific questions!


Amy Coe
I’m Amy Coe, the Assistant Dean of Academics. I can help with citizenship matters, course selection, and more!


Tammy Clark

I’m Tammy Clark, the Registrar. I can help you with your cadet’s Aeries registration and keeping your contact information up-to-date!