Summer Computer Science Camp

Cadet Acceptable Use policy

Army and Navy Academy provides a changing and growing array of information technology (IT) resources to our community of Cadets and staff members. The Academy’s IT resources include computers, networks, applications, and services aimed at supporting the Academy’s mission to educate, mentor, and develop good character and leadership in young men.

We use technology as a tool to engage Cadets and to enhance learning. Technology tools such as Google Drive, Kahoot, Google Classroom, and Loom are valuable for teaching boys and young men the benefits of collaboration, research, competition, and peer interactions. Due to the free-flowing and uncensored exchange of information and communication via the Internet, the Academy has created this Acceptable Use Agreement to ensure safe and effective use of the Internet and the Academy’s technology and resources.

The following policy contains specific and general guidelines on the acceptable uses of the Academy’s fully owned and operated IT resources. No policy can predict every possible use-case that Cadets will come across when operating our technology. If you have questions or concerns about whether your use of the Academy’s systems is appropriate, please ask rather than assume.

We live in a time when many digital natives assume that their online lives are separate from the real world. This could not be further from the truth. Actions taken on the computer often have real world consequences. Cadets are expected to evidence the Army and Navy Academy’s school values online just as they would when interacting with people in the real world.


This policy governs all Army and Navy Academy Cadets when using the Academy’s technology resources.


Ownership. Army and Navy Academy’s information technology resources–including computer systems, communications networks, records, and other information stored electronically–are the sole property of the Army and Navy Academy.

Access. Cadet access to school technology is a privilege, not a right, and is extended only to current Cadets. Upon separation from the Academy, your user account and all associated data will be suspended within a week from the date of separation unless other arrangements are made with the Director of Information Technology with permission from the Commandant of Cadets and the Dean of Academics.

Purpose. Use of the school’s IT resources should be aimed at the Academy’s mission. Cadets are expected to exercise good judgment when engaging in discretionary technology use and, if in doubt as to whether that use would violate this policy, seek the counsel of the Department of Information Technology. Expectations for professional behavior apply across all platforms, services, and applications provided by Army and Navy Academy.

Responsibilities. Each Cadet is responsible for their own actions involving school information technology assets. Moreover, Cadets are responsible for their own data, passwords, accounts, and physical and digital security governing the aforementioned.  Army and Navy Academy will make all reasonable efforts to provide Cadets with data security resources and support.

Prohibitions. Prohibited uses of Academy IT resources include, but are not limited to:

  1. Uses that violate any federal, state, or local law or regulation, including copyright laws;
  2. Plagiarism of any sort;
  3. Uses involving content that is obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit, sexually suggestive, vulgar, or profane;
  4. Creating or sharing content that might be construed as harassing, discriminating, threatening, defaming, intimidating, or demeaning individuals or organizations;
  5. Providing other users’ confidential or contact information to outside parties in a manner not explicitly endorsed by the Academy;
  6. Sending mass communications to outside parties; 
  7. Participating in any activity that would congest the network or interfere with the work of employees or Cadets;
  8. Misuse or disruption of Academy IT resources, including physical misuse or damage;
  9. Any and all attempts to breach the security features of Academy IT resources;
  10. Attempts to modify, delete, or otherwise conceal information stored in Academy IT Resources with the suspected attempt of concealing violations of this Policy;
  11. Using Academy IT resources after access has been denied or revoked;
  12. Failure to report any of the aforementioned breaches of Policy to a TAC officer, counselor, IT staff, or another adult on campus;
  13. Use of VPNs or any other means to circumvent the safe browsing restrictions applied by the Academy;
  14. Use of crypto-miners, torrenting applications, or similar programs that have an outsized data footprint while making use of Academy networks;
  15. Downloads or distribution of copyrighted material or other pirated data;
  16. Sharing of login credentials, whether they are the Cadet’s own or those of another Cadet or staff member; 

Potential Dangers. Cadets and patrons should be aware of the potential dangers that use of the Internet can bring. All Cadets are expected to follow the following guidelines:

  1. Do not reveal personal information about yourself or others on the Internet.
  2. Do not meet with a person or people you have met online.
  3. Do not post photos of yourself or other Cadets that include your location.

Guidelines. Cadets are expected to exercise mature and positive behavior while using online resources:

  1. Be courteous and polite.
  2. Do not send abusive or inappropriate messages to anyone.
  3. Never film or record other individuals without their permission.
  4. Any references to or knowledge of illegal activities should be immediately reported to staff or faculty.
  5. Respect copyright laws and avoid reusing an author’s work without permission.

Academy Email Accounts. Cadets are issued an Army and Navy Academy Gmail account from the domain. This email can only be used for Academy-related communication. All communication from and to these email addresses is tracked and recorded. Cadets will report any unusual “spam,” obscene emails, chain emails not related to the Academy, and any other violatory behaviors to WIT.

Personal Devices on Campus. Cadets are allowed a total of four digital devices on campus: one smart phone, one Academy-provisioned Chromebook, and two personal devices of your choice from the following: a desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, or gaming system. Wireless hotspots are forbidden on campus and will be confiscated as contraband if found. Smart phones must have their hotspot capabilities disabled while on campus.

Wireless Resources. Army and Navy Academy provides cadets with 25mbps wireless connectivity via the ANA Cadet wifi network. Cadets can authenticate using their campus Windows credentials through the ANA Cadet Meraki network or use their Academy-issued Google credentials through the ANA Cadet Google network. All other SSIDs broadcast by the school, including but not limited to the ANA Staff Google, ANA Staff Meraki, ANA Device, and ANA Guest networks are explicitly forbidden to cadets.

Personal Devices in the Classroom. Only Academy-provisioned Chromebooks should be used in the classroom except with the explicit permission of your teacher. No other digital devices, including cell phones, are allowed in the classroom without teacher approval.

Consequences. Violations of Cadet Acceptable Use policy carry scaling consequences:
1st Offense: loss of all non-academic digital devices and suspension from the network until consultation with a TAC or the Dean. 2nd Offense: loss of all non-academic digital devices and suspension from the network in addition to being placed on restriction.. 3rd Offense: loss of privilege to have any  non-academic digital devices and suspension from the network for the semester and a Special Order. Please be aware that additional consequences may apply, up to and including dismissal from Army and Navy Academy, at the discretion of the Dean and Commandant depending on the severity of the violation.