The tides are changing in Carlsbad! The Army and Navy Academy Science Department is leading the way of other education institutions by providing two additional paths of education for the 2018-19 Academic Year.

With staff additions of former Marine Captain Malcolm Muter and Retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Moss, the Department is poised to take advantage of current trends and industry needs by providing two Computer Science courses and an Introduction to Aviation course.

These courses will fit neatly into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, (STEM) processes the Department and Academy have created over the past few years and will provide additional opportunities for Cadets to apply what they have learned to actual industry standards.

Mr. Muter will teach two introductory computer science elective courses beginning this Fall: Computer Science Discoveries, and Computer Science Principles.

“Army and Navy Academy has recognized that a solid fundamental understanding of Computer Science is a critical part of a modern well-rounded education, and I’m thrilled to be contributing to this cutting edge program,” says Muter.

“With the opening of the aviation and computer science departments here at Army and Navy, we are leading the way toward a more relevant and modern education that meets the rapidly changing needs of the future.”

The elective courses will be offered to all Cadets, with the Discoveries course focused on middle school, and the Principles course focused on high school.  Cadets will be working through activities, discussions, and projects that will have them developing software, creating web pages, and programming their own projects in the semester length classes.

“Along the way we will address technology in society through discussions about privacy, encryption, data science, machine learning, and digital citizenship,” added Mr. Muter.

The Aviation I elective course, available to all high school Cadets, uses a thorough, yet very fun and engaging textbook and will set the stage for an exciting year of aviation-related activities and learning.

“For our first year, I want the course to challenge Cadets who may wish to proceed to collegiate-level aviation programs and create a hook for Cadets who may not desire an aviation career, but would enjoy flying as a life-long hobby,” Moss said. “I would love nothing more than to start a trend here at The Academy of Cadets soloing in a Cessna at McClellan-Palomar Airport prior to driving a vehicle on Southern California roads.  I believe the former is much safer than the latter….!”

There will be plenty of time during the course to fly and train on the two Basic Aviation Training Devices using replica flight controls with X-Plane 11.  The course will take advantage of local opportunities at our many airports, military air bases, and technical industries such as General Atomics and Spacex located nearby.

Also available is membership in the Warrior Aviation Club, created for all-aged Cadets.  The Club will explore local flying clubs such as Civil Air Patrol ( and Experimental Aircraft Association (, while learning how to responsibly fly the Academy’s Mavic Pro Platinum drone.

Mr. Moss is currently working on a pinnacle event for Cadets in the Spring that will be a life-long memory – you have to join and wait to see what it is!

Joining a professional Science Program at The Academy, Muter and Moss agree that the opportunity to collaborate with each other and with the outstanding instructors in the Department is a gift.  They are especially grateful to be placed in a position to not only educate and train young men of great caliber, but to be able to help build character and encourage excellence in attending Cadets.

Mr. Muter and Mr. Moss will be available at their tables for each Registration Day – stop by and learn more about these new programs.